Austrian noodles stuffed with pumpkin and cream sauce

Submitted by enr on 18 Nov 2010
250 g flour
egg 1
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sunflower oil
# For the filling:
100-150 g pumpkin
100 g large pats of unsalted feta cheese or cottage cheese
1 tbsp butter
# For the sauce:
150-200 ml cream
2 triangles processed cheese
handful of crushed walnuts
Austrian noodles stuffed with pumpkin and cream sauce
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From the flour, salt, egg, the oil and water mix a little medium soft dough. Cover with a kitchen foil and let stand while preparing filling. Grate is the pumpkin and stew in the butter. Once is tender, add the crumbled feta cheese or the cottage cheese. Stir until it becomes a homogeneous mixture and remove from fire. Roll out the dough on a floured countertop to a thickness of 3-4 mm. Cut out circles with a diameter of 8-10 cm. Using a small spoon to put the filling in each round, folded in two and fingers pressed firmly to not drip filling. With floured hands are arranged one by one and put to tight in refrigerator (can be kept there for 1-2 days and if required). In a suitable pot boil salted water ready noodles are removed from the refrigerator and placed carefully in the boiling water. Leave for 10-12 minutes to cook. At this time, the sauce is prepared. In a saucepan or frying pan put a little butter, pour the cream and when it starts to boil, add processed cheese. Once completely melted, remove from heat. Noodles are removed and leave for a minute or two to poizsahnat, arranged in a dish and pour the sauce. On top sprinkle with crushed walnuts. Of the products are about 20-25 constrained as to reach a portion 5-6.
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18 Nov 2010


Eli, in what sense are heavy noodles?

Well, cream, butter ... in maznichki are a lot of little :)