Baked with mashed potatoes, mushrooms and chicken

Submitted by enr on 04 Aug 2009
600 g mashed potatoes
300 g mushrooms
300 g chicken
1 onion
150 g cheese
100 g butter
salt, pepper
150 g cream
Baked with mashed potatoes, mushrooms and chicken
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In the butter fried mushrooms and onion. Add chicken, chopped and parched or boiled. Add salt and pepper, cream, grated cheese and mix everything well. Pan or shape is well smeared with butter, put it half mashed potatoes, then mushroom-stuffed chicken. Rest mashed sprayed above like roses and bake at 200 C for 20 minutes.
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04 Aug 2009


Very appetizing seems Vesi!

great photo will try ...

It is easy to prepare and very tasty looks in the picture.

Really iglezhda very appetizing! Mashed potatoes does it matter whether or not milk? Maybe we should be more gastichko.

Yes, mimsi! If is often not shtpritsova. A must be tight is baked in order to be able to cut well.

Bravo straight super-excellent 6

It is very tasty. Used cooking liquid cream (do not know whether such a question in the recipe). I'd add it to favorites in order to try, but now firmly stays there. Even on Friday will have guests and will again sets up.

Yesterday again took advantage of the recipe. To chicken mixture and put a little minced (eviscerated a raw sausage). This time there are photos.

It was a big yummy, thanks for the recipe