Banitsa dialed

Submitted by enr on 24 Sep 2013
6 sheets filo pastry sheets (1/3 package of 400 g)
150-200 g feta cheese
200 g yogurt
2 eggs
50 g butter or margarine
We take two sheets of sheet for the banitsa and as one another sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese, collect tickets carefully as folded paper fan and put them in one end of the tray, which are smeared with grease. Take the other two and similarly Smash feta cheese and collect them and put them in the middle of the tray and so with the other two leaves, which put the other end of the tray. These lists cover the pan with a 28 cm diameter. Then spread the butter, cut into small pieces, top, so that there is everywhere, pour the banitsa with beaten eggs and milk. Bake at 180C degrees until well browned on top. The banitsa becomes thin and tasty. Can be done in larger pan then put another couple dialed lists and zoom and other products.
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24 Sep 2013


How many grams are these 6 leaves?

Ordinary ready pastry store. If thicker or larger will leverage on already lists it does not interfere with or slightly larger pan can be put. I've done them with marks already on the market with all it equally well.

There are many different brands and weights, do some sheet thicker, some thinner. I, for example, sometimes use one, they are very thin and has about 40 sheets in a pack of 400 grams, with 6 of them are unlikely to become anything. It's nice to have just the right amount to not become blunders. How pretty is the package peel, which benefit (400-500 g were usually) and how much of it are 6 sheets?

pastry from 400 g., / Bella or Family / I have not counted them but about 13-14 leaves your package.