Feta cheese Shopski microwave

Submitted by enr on 21 Mar 2009
100 g feta cheese
egg 1
1 tomato (may canned)
1 chili pepper
15-20 g butter
Feta cheese Shopski microwave
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At the bottom of casseroles put the feta cheese, then the egg, which is slotted yolk, chilli and a little grated cheese. Top tomato wheels and piece butter. Sprinkle with paprika. Place the lid on casseroles and put in a bowl. Bake for 4-5 minutes on full power microwave. Serve hot sprinkled with aromatic and spicy colorful salt optional.
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21 Mar 2009


Sounds promising tasty. But I have no faith in the microwave, except for heating.

We are in our 15 years use such a stove. Cheese I've done I've done at least 100 times. And it is not bad.

Super tasty and fast! Bravo!

Thank you :)

Fair and cooking. And I've done in a microwave cheese shoppe, it becomes super!

Good, I like the recipe .. Will necessarily try .. One does not always have time for the kitchen, and it's fast and I am sure 100% that is delicious! Thanks for the nice retseptichka.

The yolk should be stirred or punctured, or rumble oven, it is not explained why pierce the yolk.

We ate at the second we made, but without egg. In both cases, tasty and quickly. Thanks for the easy recipe.

Bravo! It quickly becomes very appetizing!

Let it cool in the microwave. I tried not to know that he has uploaded recipe, so put and evaluation :) I do without the cheese.

In fact, that's what I priyadat much now because you poured a cup of wine but I was waiting to warm up the oven. And I use the microwave for warming only rarely. Become super fast and tasty appetizer. Thanks

super! will be put in soon! thanks for the recipe :)

Very tasty obtained yesterday evening you did that was very hungry and I ate something quick and tasty, this is definitely fulfilling this criterion will not regret it :)!

Egg love it more soft-boiled and put it not in the beginning, one minute before it is ready casseroles. Do not punch, because by putting the lid is not loud (at least to me has never happened to me). Today it will do for lunch, priyadat much as I reminded me about this recipe.

I also put it immediately before it's ready casseroles, also did not punch, I'm not blaring so far.

was quick and easy! Cheese is a good addition.

VERY tasty, quick and easy dish - THANK YOU :)Prepared it in Jena pot - 3 servings. Eggs shot up, added a little thinly sliced ​​dry sausage and cheese sprinkled finally zapekoh 1 minute more.