Bean salad with carrots and peppers

Submitted by enr on 27 Oct 2009
1 kg of cooked beans
3 kg peppers (roasted and diced)
2 kg carrots
2 jars (of 800 ml) peas
2 jars (of 800 ml) pickles
2 jars (of 800 ml) tomato paste
2 bay leaves
10 g pepper
# For marinade:
400 g sunflower oil
400 g vinegar
400 g sugar
7 tbsp salt
Bean salad with carrots and peppers
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Carrots are cleared and cut into cubes, pickles are also cut. All products pour marinade into a saucepan and put to boil. Add carrots. Boil 30 minutes in the marinade, add the peppers and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and add other products. Mix everything very well, filled into jars and sterilize 30 minutes.
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27 Oct 2009


In principle, this is the famous Greek salad. No sense carrots cook 30 minutes. It is enough to boil them in the marinade. The same applies for the pods Although they are roasted. Once scalded carrots everything is mixed and pour the marinade and filled into jars.

It really is very tasty, but the Greek salad which I know is cooked with apples, peppers and eggplants.

No dispute on the issue. Everyone knows it differently. If you add the one and the other will be skumriyka salad Ropotamo.

This salad January prepare for every winter my family loves her very well done it is great Danny

And how the jar and what capacity are filled on quantity of products?

I have not waited for someone to answer me because anyway I decided to do. Even got a picture, make a great salad. Thanks for the recipe :)

go 12 jar of 800 ml.