Submitted by enr on 19 Oct 2013
2 kg pig hearts
2 kg porcine lung
300 g osmyanka (meat from the belly of the pig)
1 kg rice
5-6 heads chopped leeks
mint, black pepper, salt
3 kg pig intestines
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Hearts, lungs and osmyankata ground with machine for meat. Add other products and is kneaded well. With this mixture fill the intestines (which are well washed), Koto be careful not very crowded. Is tied at both ends and punctured in several places. Boil 45 minutes. Before consumption is cleaved slightly. In the crack with puts a little butter and baked.
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19 Oct 2013


What is osmyanka?

Osmyankata is where pork and lean meat and bacon.

Osmyanka called meat from the belly of the pig! :)

Lirinka, again including many of the place, thanks :) Does he have any other name that is more popular this meat?

Something like bahura is May Day?

I do not know what is bahura, but really from the belly of the pig and have lean meat and bacon.

Osmyankata the flesh from the belly of the pig, where alternating meat and bacon. Bahura is a type of sausage made of man, a kind of pudding;) Nothing to do two things :)

Ah, Natalie, do you mean that Bumbara something like Bahur? Now light up :) Well, so look like a recipe apparently found no difference :) But I'm not a specialist in pig products;) let Nevi decide :)

Nevi, hello! :) I do not know have another name for that meat. Through out the recipe, I can say that the meat becomes very delicious with sauerkraut. Difficult to find in stores. Rather, who looks pig village, he will be lucky ... ;) By looking products and spices, do not doubt that the recipe will be very good! :)

I forgot to write the perfect will is for appetizer and drink a lot of wine around in the cold winter evenings! ;)

Bahura is a sausage that is for rapid consumption, so there is a difference. Osmyankata is located here and there in stores now (at least in Sofia), not only for owners of pigs :) Here in Australia, is quite popular meat (pork belly him say, comes with the skin most often) and there are many different recipes and methods of preparation.

in our region it is bahur and osmyanka Is not bacon

I do not know what is bahur. Comments from the front understand that sausage, but if the two names refer to the same thing can not say.