Calzone with hearts

Submitted by enr on 01 Nov 2014
2 pig hearts
1 onion
100 ml canned tomatoes and / or less concentrate
1-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
salt, oregano, thyme
cayenne pepper (or chili pepper or Tabasco )
300-400 g pizza dough or watery (for mekitsi)
olive oil and / or sunflower oil
Hearts cut into two and soaking them in very cold (a few may Ace tray) water. If (such) become very red - Change in January Then clean them (with a sharp knife cut the) from vessels and thicker skins and chopping them in small pieces. Then in a large pan put them to stew with sliced ​​onion in hot sunflower oil (maybe olive oil), sprinkled with a little salt. While the cook (and this takes time) Knead the dough, or if you use store-bought it out at room temperature. In a pan add the balsamic vinegar (if you do not like the idea - put wine or anything). This is the time for other vegetables if you want - for example, mushrooms, red peppers. Then tomatoes (if concentrate + water / wine / broth - liquid). Spices - boldly. Leave to simmer, if you add liquid optional, but try hearts, want a lot of time, a total of at least 40 minutes. Submit an oven and heated to about 250c. The dough is leavened. There are two options: 1. A tight dough that can be kneaded and sharpening - Roll circles. 2. More humid and sticky (I beat it in the mixer bowl) with greased with olive oil hands disheveled as mekichki. The difference is then - Correct become thinner and softer, as in the pizzeria. Others are more rustic look, the dough is spongy and crust (as chiabata). Whatever you choose, - fill with stuffing poizstinala. Close. If it breaks somewhere stick, otherwise will leak into the tray. Insert in the oven, reduce it to 200C (fan and I play at the end of a crispy crust).
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01 Nov 2014


Very interesting idea. You can not find pig hearts, but will try with chicken. Thank you! :)

Super will be the chicken.