Fluffy sponge cake

Submitted by enr on 09 Jul 2004
6 eggs
300 g sugar
8 tbsp (80 ml) milk (maybe water)
8 tbsp (80 ml) sunflower oil
350 g flour
1 packet of baking powder
1 vanilla powder
Fluffy sponge cake
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Beat eggs and sugar to completely dissolve the sugar, then add the oil and milk, then flour pre-mixed with the baking powder. When you get a smooth mixture, and vanilla. Bake in preheated oven at just below 180 degrees C for about half an hour until the initial rising cake, then put the top of the oven for about 15-20 minutes. * Cake can be variegation cocoa, as a small part of the finished mixture is stirred with cocoa and pour in the form before baking.
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09 Jul 2004


This cake prepare him for many years and love it! Can be varied with fruit jam, nuts or delight.

Chestichko open site for recipes, and this is the easiest and most delicious cake in no time - what I need.

is also called cake-foam. Terrific.

Personally, I really like!

I like, I have not been doing it.

Well, maybe tapichko seem but what yogurt or milk?

milk for this cake must be fresh, not sour. Usually fresh given in milliliters / liters, and yogurt in grams :)

I did it with water and it was very nice.

cake is very very tasty, my wife loves it. Blagodaraya!

While nakanya to do it took me time. I do not know what I've been waiting for - easy, fast and tasty. My husband can not satisfy him put him more coffee / cocoa mix of ground / chopped nuts and raisins. Not to be nuts and raisins on the bottom put them last, just before he slipped it in the oven.

Hello today I tried the recipe became a great cake all home liked it.

If you always want your cake becomes fluffy and products must be at room temperature or hot water and mix with the oil.

cake is really great and I only do it for many years and all of us very much like the guests also very successful indeed from personal experience I know that.

A Inte others can and a half of the same products - eg. 3 eggs, etc. and the effect is the same and bake, so I know and do 150 degrees at first and when I know that it is almost baked, slightly finally increase of 200 degrees and baked evenly.

Try and you will not regret it, and coffee is super combination.

Super-cool ate it more dough. 5. assessment

For a long time I do this cake. It very nice with water, pieces of chocolate and sesame.

Super is. I put his nuts and sprinkle with powdered sugar ...

Wonderful recipe!

The oil is not it much? Eight spoons will not affect inflation for the cake?

Hello, tell me how I can substitute baking powder, because where I live there. Thank you.

Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda and citric acid. I do not know the exact ratio, but soda is at least two times.

Surely this cake becomes fluffy and delicious. 150 degrees bake for a longer time and then increase the oven to 180 C until well browned.

Baking powder is made of soda and citric acid of 3: 1.

It was a great taste. I put him and raisins and walnuts.

This cake is very nice and always gets. Weekly for my family.

Can you do it without a mixer to break products on hand, or it will not work?

sumer, I think hand to break the mixture will still work. The problem is that you have to smash with a fork and then quite a long time to get fluffy.

This is a classic of the genre - made it our grandmothers, mothers and aunts - now it's our turn!

Thank you for the nice recipe. Cake is great. I I did a few times and I loved it. I encourage all who have not tried it - try it!

Thanks for the recipe! Cake is really great!

Mom do it and it was very dry. We did not like.

Hello! I tried the recipe as well as added recommend cocoa and nuts - became gorgeous!

cake is great, I do it for many years.

I did it but I think that the amount of flour is more than you should, because they were too thick!

Required'll try it when there are so many reviews so worth it :)

Hi, I posted this recipe about 5 years ago. I welcome feedback that I see in the recipe. And our family to this day enjoyed this cake. I wish you a delicious and enjoyable day.

is a great and easy. bravo

even put chocolate on top and become super

Mmmm to lick your fingers

I do not have a lower heating element on the stove, and I bake it on air.

became a gorgeous cake! Thanks for the recipe! :)

This great cake always becomes successful. I have the recipe for 18 years and a month at least once I do, it always successful. Terrific! My family loves it.

cake is super

This cake makes my mother. Sharim it with cocoa and put raisins. Cake is great! :)

Hello, I liked her recipe a try now :) but could you tell me what level bake

I did it now, but I think it came in more degrees and was a little raw on the inside. Next time will put a lower temperature.