Chicken cutlets with bread crumbs

Submitted by enr on 23 Apr 2012
500-600 g chicken breasts (2)
1-2 tbsp sour cream
50-100 g dried bread crumbs or bread crumbs
salt optional
sour cream, yogurt, dill and garlic Serving
Chicken breasts cut in half to form two fillets. Crushed lightly with cooking hammer or profile spoon. Smeared with cream (half spoon salted fillet and optional) and leave for an hour to stay. In bowl pour the crumbs fillets Oval thoroughly, stand for some time immersed in them. Fried in sunflower oil each side until golden and leave to drain made of napkins. Served with a dressing of sour cream, two tablespoons of yogurt, dill and garlic.
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23 Apr 2012


These are just fried breaded chicken cutlets. The particular is that they are no condiments, even without salt.

And I bother me that lack of any spices. Does not it slightly tasteless?

cream and dry bread are byproducts have enough salt, acid, oil and spices. In the dressing is garlic.

Let's not trivialize not write fables. How much salt there is in breadcrumbs? And how much flavor in 2 tablespoons cream that spiced up 600 grams of meat? Furthermore, the dressing was not written in the beginning when I commented and Nevi, is added subsequently. And dressing products are not set up.

niki-kiki ... Add to recipe salt and spices to taste ... and get out those crumbs-great grandmothers cooked us with crumbs, grandmothers with bruised rusks, and we are now preparing breadcrumbs and everything ... will and the recipe is wrong ...

niki-kiki, *breadcrumbs* is the name of the product, which is currently used most often (and BRIDA very aptly said :)). If you leave the title will keep the *spirit* of the word, but the products best is breadcrumbs - more convenient recipe search. As for spices - sour cream is tasteless - neither sweet nor salty, and breadcrumbs, but if so cook the recipe, so leave it.

which he likes breadcrumbs is made with breadcrumbs as a difference of ketchup and tomato sauce and here there is a difference. The recipe is tried many times simple is delicious for people who like not very seasoned food. As for the salt it is a personal choice otherwise schnitzel combine with salads and wine not destroy their taste.

shom any difference, not to be confused readers coming ... take our world how they are collected and dried crumbs ... in the oven you at room temperature, what are these crumbs of white bread ... you , home or you ... so on.! write us what the differences are, to know :)