Chocolate explosion

Submitted by enr on 01 Feb 2014
# For the base:
300 g chocolate
350 g cake
1 tbsp whiskey
# For dark cream:
300 g dark chocolate
200 ml cream
3 tbsp whiskey
10 g ground gelatin
# For the white cream:
300 g white chocolate
200 ml cream
1-2 tbsp rosewater
# For glaze:
200 g of dark chocolate
50 ml water
20-30 ml sunflower oil
2-3 tbsp whiskey
# For decoration:
100 g couverture chocolate
fruit or
sugar beads in appropriate colors and sizes
silver spray (food)
silver brocade (food)
# addition:
sunflower oil spreads
Chocolate explosion
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For the cream: In two separate buy is broken respectively dark and white chocolate. Pour in 200 ml hot cream Beat with wire to melt and allow cold to be tight. For the base: cake cut into cubes. Melt the chocolate in it and add whiskey. Mix well, then pour the crumbs and confused to cover and watered with chocolate. Ring cake is fixed at 20 cm diameter. Spread the inner side with sunflower oil. Sheet of baking paper also smeared with sunflower oil, the hoop is placed on it and pour the crumbs inside. Distributed to form a base, but not crushed, and should remain loose. The cream: In both buy is killing already slightly cooled Ghana, as in the dark put whiskey, and in the world - rose water. The gelatin is soaked for 10 minutes in several tbsp water. Melt carefully MB or a water bath and is divided into the two cups. Killing briefly to take. Both mixtures were applied arbitrarily and optional on already tight base. Smooth and leave to be tight in the cold. During this time nastagvat shavings quilt by using or cheese slicer or peeler potato. The glaze: Chocolate is broken in the water and whiskey, and melts. Add the oil, stirring with a wire to form a mixture, such a thick gel that does not stick to the bowl, and the slips. From the bottom of the cake come off the paper. With a thin knife separates the hoop. The glaze is applied on the cold cake, it is allocated so as to leak evenly. Allow to solidify. Top with tweezers, so as not to melt, put the chocolate chips and garnish with fruit or sugar pearls. Dusted with glitter and sprayed. * Alcohol is optional and may be omitted or replaced according to your preferences. * Each work step is easy, but each time waiting to cool, so I asked a higher difficulty. Otherwise making is simple. * Somewhere I had seen such a base, but with biscuits. I had left in the fridge from Шоколадова explosion and enjoying it. It was very tasty. * The glaze made such to have leaks * * on the cake. Can be used and another glaze of your choice.
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01 Feb 2014


Very interesting recipe, certainly these days will do. I hope to get so spectacular and me.

I'll wait a review :)