Chocolate Marquise egg whites

Submitted by enr on 16 Sep 2009
270 g of dark chocolate
45 g butter
6 egg whites
pinch of salt
1 tbsp (full) sour cream
Chocolate Marquise egg whites
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Chocolate is melted in a water bath, stirring gently with a wire whisk. And add the butter, cut into pieces. The mixture was stirred well. Before you break up egg whites add a pinch of salt and then broken down into hard snow. Chocolate and egg white mixture is mixed and broken well until smooth homogeneous mixture. Was added thereto and cream. He fought very well. Pour the mixture into a baking dish must be deeper to get a nice awnings. The tray should be littered with baking paper. Cake is covered with a large lid. Put it in the refrigerator, patiently waiting for 3 days and then cut and served.
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16 Sep 2009


I was wondering what to do frozen proteins I have left of other sweets. Bravo!

I can not gaze this temptation!

The French know what to eat, however. The site from which I took the recipe says that this cake is recommended to make peaceful people having problems with the sugar and cholesterol. Because they put this dark chocolate, I've heard that it is very useful to the body.

And, if it can be added and some nuts?

Sure, why not. You can put whatever you want: walnuts, almonds, cashews, I will do it soon and will definitely put a raisin. Nuts will prevent the cake only happen not to be tempted. 3 days waiting. Usually it he made three days before Christmas and very Christmas is served :)

great cake. Bravo for the great recipe! To favorites is!

Very nice and interesting recipe! Bravo! The only thing that discourages me to do is you have to wait three days! Heart heroic last you?

To really temptation. Given that it has to wait 3 days is almost inevitable, but it will deserve the wait :)

Great recipe will iprobvam only cadet many wait

Yes. Indeed so, but you can leave for Christmas :) So you will not do many days.

sugar will not remain bitter?

will not remain bitter. If you are a fan of sweetness put your powdered sugar in the mixture.

became great, you do not need to put sugar, everyone chooses the amount of cocoa in chocolate, I did 45 percent. even managed to wait 3 days. I tried it and even like ice cream-it super, and stuffing cake. has many uses. so try, you will not be sorry

In favorites is soon going to try.

taste like chocolate truffles.

is excellent :)

I want to ask how warm should be chocolate after it melt before you mix it with proteins, because the first time was a great evol. Why wait three days?

It was very tasty, although not get exactly cake!

What should the chocolate - plain or pastry?

black shokolad- confectionery

*I want to ask how warm should be chocolate after it melt before you mix it with proteins, because the first time was a huge failure* - slava_sava. And I ask the same, because no one has replied. Just the description of the preparation is quite schematic. But emipirichen experience I would add that oil-chocolate mixture to cool completely (it will not tighten, as has oil) and only then mix with the cream and only finally to put protein snow - carefully go wrong to not fall. PassionFlower - will try this interesting recipe, but would you suggest roughly the size of a baking pan - round or oblong? and how thick should be layers? Thank you! :)

until melting chocolate .. but wait to cool a little, it is normal. Crisp is better to be elongated, it is easier to cut and will be cut into uniform pieces. Let him be deeper. The thickness of the layer is about 10 cm.

A true delight for vsei shokomaniak :)

Hello, my very strange, but as far as I understand from this recipe bake something, I understand you correctly? I also want to ask if you put it into molds for muffins if you get me?

froggy, not baked. I do not know whether it will be in the form of muffins. I rule in the form of a cake and it was delicious, but it was not sufficiently thick to be cut to pieces.