Quick Appetizer peppers

Submitted by enr on 11 Sep 2008
14-15 peppers
100 g feta cheese
3 eggs
2-3 tbsp yogurt
sunflower oil
fresh parsley
Quick Appetizer peppers
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In an oiled dish are arranged side by side pods on them Crush the feta cheese and sprinkle with chopped parsley. Pour a previously beaten eggs and yogurt. Sprinkled with a little sunflower oil and roast in a moderate oven. Can be used as a garnish. * Optional dish can be done in a few lines.
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11 Sep 2008


Great, just wondering what to think about furniture. This is great and I do it to the flesh. Thank you! :)

I'm glad you liked it! I grown up with this dish! :)

Maggie, a huge thank you for the incredibly tasty and super fast cooked meal! This is lazy mish mash!

My mother did it and love it! Its advantage is that it is prepared really quickly. Thanks Rennie!

The magic Bravo, my kids love everything connected with peppers and cheese, and the recipe is super easy to make.

Desi, thank you! This is my first recipe I published!

Bravo, The magic all your recipes are great.

amazing recipe, I added it at Dospatska trout in foil!

and I added sausage. became very tasty. bravo!

I left it this yummy! Tomorrow will do.

I have a package of frozen peppers in camera and was wondering what to do with them. Bravo Maggie :)

Maggie, this time as I did them shredded peppers chopped and determined so I liked more, i. E. easier to cut the portion.

I sometimes cut them in pieces, as for especially small. Today will prepare and I for a side dish to steak.

seems fantastic, these days will do this appetizer!

Bravo, became very tasty! I put chesanche, cut into thin slices - mmmmmm

I do it always gets very tasty :)

Pedpolagam that will be for yazvadzhiy because it is roasted. I recently discovered this bacterium forms where ulcer and will have to eat only roasted and boiled. Required will try looks very tasty.

Oleee Maggie ... It was a great gozbitsa. Only that I put and sausage before pour the eggs and milk. Thanks for delicious and easy recipe.

thank Desi, prepare a briskly! With sausages became interesting, and I added grated tomato last time you were done :)

very nice and easy recipe congratulations

What great work! Thank you very much!

really super thanks

Great recipe, very very tasty!

Idyalno and dish as an appetizer and light and diet if you want to be a dietary finally pour a little olive oil and put cottage cheese and skim milk and 5 Bookmark

Mmmm ... Jump top. Great recipes suggest, Maggie.

Thank you, Maggie, these peppers adore them and are a great side dish to meat!

I needed garnish with roasted peppers and here we find her.

Ive, I'm glad that you liked!

I made this delicious appetizer, but peppers rolled in breadcrumbs.

I made them with cottage cheese and poured oil

really fast and tasty;)

Quick, easy and delicious. Well done.

I am glad that you like! Lately they do cut and I think that is better than to have goals :)

I like them a cut one end and dissolve the peppers and put the mixture. On top of the mixture again put peppers. Really delicious.

great opportunity Maggie

my son loved it. bravo

Remind me that I rather do not do them, thank you!

fantastic recipe, especially for fans of the pepper. I add 5 tablespoons home. juice, a little Merudia and 200 g. boiled and washed through a sieve macaroni and pepper flavor of my marinade, but became something amazing.

Vera, you do your created a new dish, thanks!

Maggie again great dish assessment is very good.

Super, I'm dying for peppers, and so are great!

really fast and really wonderful

are wonderful, thanks for the comments!

Very fast and very tasty recipe

This option is great and very tasty

Thank you, lately do them with cut peppers for easier :)

Thank you, Maggie, these peppers adore them!

It was something incredible!