Meatballs in white sauce

Submitted by enr on 01 Feb 2009
500 g minced meat
50 g rice
2 yolks
200 g yogurt
1-2 tbsp sunflower oil
flour for rolling
Meatballs in white sauce
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Put to boil 600 ml water with the chopped onion, the oil and salt. Once the boil placed well roll in flour meatballs made from minced meat, rice and pepper. Once cooked soup thickener made from 2 yolks and yogurt.
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01 Feb 2009


Bravo! And I put the juice of half a lemon and 1 tablespoon Fuzzy flour in yoghurt.

nyamya you become very sour milk and lemon? I agree to the flour.

And I Fry the flour and add only yogurt and bay leaf, so prepare and chicken fricassee

Very good recipe and easy to implement.

Very tasty and easy. Bravo!

Very good recipe, I put a carrot and grated

Thanks for the recipe very easy, but at the expense of taste. I also added a bay leaf a little pepper and carrots.

kazali me that must be pre-cooked rice and mixed with minced meat ace tried it but I did not like I prefer to put them together with the minced meat to be cooked

Easy, delicious, quick! Bravo

Libimo! Po4ti week, prepare them!

for this recipe I have been told that rice is boiled Advance ace tried it and I liked this recipe is easy and I made them

Rice did not concoct completely, but only slightly (rice: water = 1: 1) with a little salt. At the beginning of the onion, add the chopped carrot, while preparing the sauce put flour.

Last night I made meatballs, were wonderful! Thanks for the recipe! :) In mince put saute rice, chopped onion, cumin, pepper. Sauce made of yogurt, 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon flour mixed into milk. In boiling water initially put a little oil, onion, as already mentioned, put it in minced meat, very tasty became :)

dish is very tasty, and I put it super-basil, try!

Quick and easy recipe! Today I rejoice to the family. I did it once already and some dope.

Last night I made them, this time not put rice and sauce did it with milk and lemon juice. Were very tasty and so.

Now I see that I have not set assessment and it can not be lower than the maximum. These are favorite meatballs to my husband.

are wonderful meatballs, very easy and delicious! ;)

Quick, easy delicious!

should definitely put a little minced onion in a little salt and thus make the meatballs and a little lemon in the sauce of the end

We love these meatballs idea again to prepare

quick easy and delicious

Wonderful meatballs

Great meatballs, very good recipe!

Really delicious recipe, thanks!

super get :)

Very tasty! I add and carrot, in thickener and put 2-3 tablespoons roasted flour. Becomes very fragrant. :)

Very tasty obtained, although I could not decide on eye 200 grams. and put a little more milk and slightly nakartvashe. But nevertheless ate: D

Easy and delicious recipe. I added grated onion and salt in Cayman. Next time I will add a little spice.

Very tasty camp. I added a little flour to BUILD to become a little thick the sauce.

In the sauce put grated carrot, cumin and minced meat in flour BUILD instead of oil, finally let loose a piece of butter, it is very tasty dish :)

Today I prepared the recipe, and it became onedelicious dish easy fast tasty.

Many successful and fast recipe. Praise for the author!

I did :) but I added flour. to thicken the sauce.

Very tasty and fast. Goes to favorites.