Cream layered cake with home bases

Submitted by enr on 16 Oct 2012
# For the bases:
3 eggs
1 cup Lemonade
1 cup sugar
1 cup sunflower oil
15 g baking powder
3 cups flour
# For Creamy Cream:
2 packages dry cream (2 x 70 g)
200 ml cold water
# Additional optional:
3 bananas
150 g chocolate spread
colored sticks
1 cup sugar
200 ml water
Cream layered cake with home bases
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For the bases: Since these products is mixed cake batter. Pour into greased and floured pan. Bake at 200C degrees for about 25-30 minutes. Check with a toothpick if it is ready. Then turns and cut two until hot (can with a knife, I personally do it with thread as it spend in it). Then grab a sheet of paper and carefully pierce between the two the base (so we can raise the top without breaking). Let them separated for a while to poizstinat. Meanwhile prepare the syrup. For the syrup: a cup of caramelized sugar. And then add 200 ml water (carefully because it starts to spray much) and stir until the caramel is melted completely (instead of caramel syrup can be used coffee 3in1, juice compote and other optional). For the cream: Pour the cream into a large bowl and add cold water, stirring with a mixer until ready (3-5 minutes). Preparation: Already poizstinalite bases syrup is then put part of the cream on her rank koleltseta chopped bananas. Place the second base and again syrup. The whole cake is covered with cream. For the decoration: The chocolate spread is heated in a water bath (or in the microwave, but fast), then with a spoon put it on the cake in many places and in a circular motion blur using a wooden skewer. Side sprinkled with colored sticks.
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16 Oct 2012