Loop pumpkin

Submitted by enr on 23 Oct 2008
filo pastry sheets
# For the filling:
grated pumpkin
2-3 pinches of salt
handful of bread crumbs or semolina
in large pieces chopped walnuts
Loop pumpkin
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The butter melts. Expands package with peel and takes one wafer. Spread throughout with melted butter and put it on the second crust, again smeared with melted butter on top and put another. On the third sheet without smear with butter, put plenty of stuffing. Turn at the roll and put in greased with sunflower oil pan - not with butter, because it sticks. So rank and other pastry. When the pan is full, the rolls are coated with melted butter. Preheat oven to 180 C with the fan, bake pumpkin until browned. When ready to remove from the oven, leave for ten minutes and sprinkle with plenty of icing sugar. For the filling all products confuse well.
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23 Oct 2008


Quick, easy and delicious. But it looks very good. Super her!

korneliq, thank you. I hope you enjoy the pumpkin.

I loved the recipe! Bravo!

magi71, will be glad if you appeal and taste.

I am convinced, first with the pumpkin will have to brave! :)

I think the same way instead of pumpkin can be made with apples.

Zuzkoto, there is no way to not be with apples, but personally I have not tried.

Since my husband does not like pumpkin did it with apples. All very liked it.

zuzkoto, very glad that for the umpteenth consecutive time trusting my recipes. Enjoy your meal everything cook from this wonderful site. Really great deals.

And my pumpkin me over the last peel them made with apples, now bake

great goodies now and take it do :)

Yes it is very tasty, and now just eat apples is great.

magi71, zlatina, I'm glad you like pumpkin pie. Really makes quite lesnichko, especially since scrape pumpkin robot. I definitely need to try apples and I'm sure it will be great. Thank you girls.

It is very delicious pastry.

Elti, to pumpkin becomes very tasty, but very easy. Thank you for the evaluation and trust in my recipe :)

seems stahotno! So I was doyal pumpkin ... Your reptilian I liked and I think today it sets up. Thank you!

cveti. 1974, I hope you like pumpkin pie and taste :)

Pepi, as is your recipe, there is no way not to my liking. Logged favorite and I will do as soon as I bring pumpkin and walnuts village :)

Today I did tikvinik I put crushed crackers instead of bread crumbs, bake stirred it as lemon and powdered sugar, pour tikvinika! This is the best tikvinik the time of our grandmothers, polzvaph and oil instead of butter.

steffanell, I'm glad you liked pumpkin. Me did I like it with the glaze on top and thank you for the idea :)

Desi darling, thank you very much for the confidence you gave me. I'm sure you'd like pumpkin because it really scrumptious and is just a classic :)

has a gorgeous look, and I will do for Halloween

einjal, hope you enjoy and taste :)

printing time - about an hour will share results but now I feel it would be prevyzhoden, Lake all kyshta Wear intoxicating scent ... but how nice browned. Fantastic recipe

einjal, I hope you is delicious :)

gorgeous recipe melts in the mouth - and there was nothing I could not shoot. I liked him very much

einjal, very glad that you liked pumpkin :) Thank you for the confidence :)

Very, very tasty recipe! Open season of pumpkin with her in my family! Pozdravche Pepi!

Desi, do me happy :) Glad you liked pumpkin :) Thank you dear to my confidence recipes :) Hugs from me :)

Today is again on the agenda. This time it onto individual snails, some of them without cinnamon that half does not like her. Pepi fabulous!

Desiiii, I love you, they very very :) pumpkin looks divine inspiration :) but because you are his master :) Incredible has become dear and great idea to naviesh separately. Thank you darling for huge trust my recipes :)

Divine pumpkin melts in your mouth :)

viliya, thank you dear!

and raw pumpkin you put?

DaniStef, yes, pumpkin is raw.

DaniStef, xevi you already answered, but to tell me. Yes gourd grate and put raw.

Congratulations for the great recipe! I am fascinated!

ian4eto, thank you for your trust! I wish you merry and happy holidays!

I ground cocoa biscuits and use them instead of breadcrumbs. Always delicious and successful pie!

LYUBCHO, thanks for rating! Glad you were tasty :)

From speed forgot to put bread crumbs, but became so better (pumpkin was not the most mature and might have become dry pumpkin). Many successful recipe. And the taste is simply irresistible :)

roksana555, I'm glad you liked pumpkin!