Fans of eggplant with smoked meat

Submitted by enr on 24 Jul 2009
4 eggplants
2 tomatoes
100 g smoked pork
100 g cheese
1/2 tsp salt
3 tbsp sunflower oil
2-3 cloves of crushed garlic
Fans of eggplant with smoked meat
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Eggplants washed and cleaned from the stalk, cut into slices, but not to the end and salted. After about 30 min, rinsed. Smoked meat, cheese and tomatoes are cut into thin slices, which are placed between the severed pieces of eggplant. Are arranged in the pan in which the pouring cup of water. Spices mix and sprinkle them with eggplants. Bake in preheated oven at 200 C for about 30 minutes until ready.
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24 Jul 2009


Hey Maggie fabulous :) this right is super! And I think that will Barna today because it seems to me quick to prepare;)

Maggie, bravo! Very easy and delicious! Will try it!

really prepared quickly, thanks girls!

Maggie, bravo! And to me I liked, and your photos are very stylish! Look very appetizing! Put it in the notebook:-)

Maggie, try this great meal! Is unique! Thanks for the great recipe!

Very well look, congratulations ...

Thank you, appropriate for unexpected guests :)

Maggie great recipe. Yesterday it prepared, it was very tasty, thank you!

I'm glad you liked it!

I only were done, but I'm not happy. temperature of 200C is too weak for eggplant, started cooking, not baking. after an hour it increased to 250, but later .. cheese and meat prepekoha and eggplants were undercooked. Seemed genuine, but the taste worthless ...

Dana, I'm sorry that you have not received! I guess it's a degree oven - I wrote them for guidance, because each is different.

Perhaps the best recipe. Everything becomes super just wants some tehika. As for the oven for someone to fix them. With me are OK and in the evening to ask them they do not love eggplants.

And I do not get the first time, the temperature of the oven was. Last night I tried a second time and it was great.

I just pulled them from the oven and ate them, very very good recipe. I had fresh tomatoes that they ate on Saturday and Sunday, but I put a can so I got sauce. Absolutely amazing happened eggplant! Bravo Maggie!

Petya, I have not thought it might make a sauce, a nice MIGHT! Glad you liked the recipe of all :)

Yesterday I made them and was a great adventure. I did them no meat, only with fresh homemade tomato and cheese with herbs. Eggplants bend during filling, twisted back, so that then can be placed only lying to one side. Only they set them upright, leaning them to one another. Peko them at 220 degrees about 50 minutes - were my number 8 - and looks great, but then it turned out that inside were raw. Return all baking pan and put them for another 20 minutes, but I burned the cheese ... We thought here is what the mistake and decided next time to wrap them individually in foil.

just made them with tomatoes and mushrooms (instead of meat). They are great :)

Rally, tomato and cheese liquefy as bake, because it can have you become soft, but generally slightly their lodging because dissolve and heavy. But why are you not know other raw :(

Rally, prepare like fans, but slice eggplant lengthwise and the idea of ​​the culinary show *Idyll Lydia* Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese or breadcrumbs that *sealed* fan, juices do not expire and prigovya confit, keeping perfumes (I have uploaded photos to recipe eggplant fan).

Maggie, and I do not know why so get ... not bad, and things happen :)anego, thanks for the advice, sounds appetizing, look appetizing, and so will try :)

Hello, I decided to give my opinion on the issue of eggplant, why not bend and I stand my gently clipped the underside before you cut it across like a fan, then put the meat and cheese but cut very thin slices and because, as I had fresh tomato put 2 tablespoons canned therefore do not dissolve well and stood in the baking pan. I think filling products must be of very thinly sliced. As for the baking them I Peko 160 city. about 80-90 min. they do not need high heat and long processing. My were just wonderful! I hope I helped with my comment.

Anego, Petya, thanks for the comments and other degrees are baking your own opinion, oven :) Rally, I hope next time you get!

Hello Maggie! we like your recipe already made previously to put the pan in the oven and cover it with foil and for about 30 minutes and then left them to constipation. it is very important the oven. thank you.

Hello again and I were done these days a lot of Talk like them that would make them every other day. I tried to cut back and again I received very well even instead of sauce as the last time I put a zucchini garnish. Vkusotiyyyyyyyyyyka!

oven to me quite right koteto_w, that here and Aliana has received the same. I think that may be due to the different varieties of eggplants. Maggie, please tell how big were your eggplants, I used large, but there in the market and a narrow, elongated. Will try them.

Crisp my 17 cm wide, so the eggplants were almost as long / judging by the photo, where raw /. Thank you that my recipe like this :)

I imagine it overflows a little thin bechamel sauce ...Thanks for the recipe!