Dish for Mr. Big

Submitted by enr on 15 Feb 2011
5 pork chops
5 chicken legs
5-6 red peppers stuffed with beans
15 dolmas with sauerkraut with mince and rice
1 kg thin sausage
1 kg sauerkraut
1/4 pm .ch. sunflower oil
1 tsp paprika
2 bay leaf
1/4 tsp black pepper
Dish for Mr. Big
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There is a large ceramic pot with a lid. First, arrange the sliced ​​cabbage to cover the bottom stirring with the oil, red pepper, 1 bay leaf and a little pepper. Arrange chops on top, cover with the dolmas, arrange pepper chicken legs, rest cabbage with bay leaf and ending with her sausage roll up and cover everything. Pour a glass of water or juice cabbage discretion. Close the lid and put in the oven at 200C for 2 hours and a half. Can make many variations depending on the products and meat.
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15 Feb 2011


That sounds irresistibly tasty. Record and ... should sample.

I do not want to offend you, but that sounds simply as Kapama ... what-what Mr. Big 5 lev? Tuzarite eat caviar, etc.

recipe is already in the group Kapama, because it is clear that can not be classified as such. If so you really hinders title, you can call it as you want as you prepare it at home.

This for caviar is not true only steaks grub :)

Kapama is rich in meat products. And I'd say prepared for holidays or for guests, not daily menu. The title is a playful and enjoyable. A combination peppers with beans and leafs I have not met in Kapama, at least I do. I think it is an interesting proposal. And I'd love to have it ready!

I add to favorites and the next guest comes first. I rule for Christmas with chicken steaks, pork, stuffed vine leaves, karnache and a bunch of other things, but will try and chicken legs with peppers and beans. / Last is a particularly favorite /

Do this Kapama, but peppers instead fill them with beans with minced meat and rice, everything else is the same. When do guest legs instead put a whole and then serving it in place in a large plateau and surrounding arrange other delicacies - gets very spectacular and beautiful.

I omitted to say that casseroles put it in a very low oven (50-100 degrees) and bake it at least 5-6 hours (usually include it in the evening before you go to bed and in the morning the whole house smells amazing)! It is very convenient for guests, because then as arranged everything on the plate (fireproof plate) put it straight in the oven for 15 minutes - so warm hem, hem bake slightly, yet not turn all day in the kitchen. I can not wait to make sauerkraut and do it.

name so I call it in houses usually do winter holidays especially for the new year, all dishes in a saucepan, and is more humanly inasheto family is like cheering kids eat meat, my son eating spaghetti I told you this would feed me after half an hour I'm hungry! Any variations can be made according to the taste of the family, comes the time of this dish for the holidays in Bulgaria and I'm such Kapama will sets up nice and some wine. Milena and slow fire've done as you 5-6 hours, if I wrote there would be a reaction to someone ...

Look for whole chicken I liked a lot, thanks for the idea!

Whatever reactions that experience it seems to me will not regret! Fleur May will prepare the same for Christmas :).

Well, I always cook And these holidays once it prepared in Italy in rodninki They still raving it and hope that I will be up there for the holidays to yadad Bulgarian dish!

I had other peppers (stuffed with beans), but I decided that I will not put them in the pot (to take place), and will serve as a supplement. The taste of the dish is expected perfect! Sorry I missed photographing the full pot and serving, but smelled so appetizing ... I apologize that you *serve* halved and unaesthetic porazsheetano dish (I tried to camouflage with cover, but unsuccessful).

Bravo ELTI, I stayed in Tripoli with the dream of this dish but when I come back I'll do it ...

thank you for the fantastic recipe