Economical sponge cake

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
1 egg
1 cup (200 g) sugar
1 cup (200 g) yogurt
1 tsp (5 g) of baking soda
3/4 cup (150 ml) sunflower oil
2 cup flour
1 tsp (5 g) cocoa
vanilla, orange peel or another flavor of your choice
Economical sponge cake
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Egg sugar and beat with a spoon, gradually added while stirring the yogurt, baking soda, the oil, vanilla and flour. A cake mixes. In the cup is separated slightly from the mixture and mix with the chocolate. Cake mixture is poured into the greased and floured pan, and brown cocoa mixture is placed in the middle of color. Bake in a heated oven.
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01 Dec 2002


Economical and very, very tasty.

be baked at a low oven for baked quickly.

It is very tasty and easy. In Canada liked it.

My wife made a cake for the first time in a cookbook and not get at all. Then we found this site and this recipe was great too. Now here we take recipes and make your desserts. We believe in these recipes to cook. Super is.

Bravo! Nice and easy recipe! Become super!

recipe is great, very tasty, all home liked it - done quickly and easily and is great!

Tasty and easy!

is really easy, successful and bake at 150 degrees.

I added a little nuts and raisins and became great!

If you put a little granola becomes very cool.

Do not waste your time while you do it and very tasty!

Super - very cool and easy to make.

Scary is very fast and tasty, really better weaker oven.

It is very nice, but is more delicious if you put chocolate instead of cocoa sticks.

If you add baking soda mixed with flour, the product will be vgleti or if the fry will not absorb fat.

I added a little nuts and it was nice again.

cake is superb, straight is super cool and easy :)

I make this cake for years, but the top range of squeezed fruit compote can and put sweet plum or another. In a split nuts. Try!

It is very tasty and easy to prepare! =)

It is very easy recipe and very tasty.

I did that but it I poured some melted candy bars *Baikal*. Became great.

Yes, it is easy to prepare, economical and fast.

I tried it. It is very tasty. It's quite scary. Very tight.

This is probably one of the best cakes. I love it with more cocoa part. 50/50% AND are crushed nuts wholesale. Slices sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Quick, easy and delicious. I am here to say it exactly economical cake - hem you save time, yet not with many products. Otherwise, bake it, then sprinkle with powdered sugar mixed with a little vanilla.

For years, I do. Can put vytre nuts or raisins. Can put yabylki cubes or nyakavo sweet. Can also be employed as a cake for cake, typical questions of preference, but is very easy, delicious and pledges cake

are received although many do not believe

And my huge: Thank you; I where I tied the hands and in my work. Very tasty ... now I did, still warm, and enjoy it.

Thanks for the recipe! It is very successful and really economical.

great cake. On my most like exactly the recipe without adding nuts, fruit or jam.

several times already do and always gets very easy

At the moment it bake, but I do not like how it happened dough :? became very concise and very concise guess flour is much for one egg and one cup of yogurt, but I kept the recipe closely, became quite thick, but ... let's bake to see the result!

Vessi in that amount of flour / 250 g / yogurt and oil, although the egg is 1 should obtain the density of the cake batter. I hope the outcome will be good. I've used this recipe when I have no more eggs and really going very well.

Inche cake was very nice ... I do not know what he did not like the dough, but after it was pulled from the oven become very nice to sweep up the evening;)

cake became the favorite of all at home, economical, not very time consuming and quite poeskperimentirah ie I put, walnuts, raisins, crushed chocolate and the resultant is always the same-PERFECT dessert for unexpected guests! Thanks so much for the recipe!

This has become our favorite cake, do it very often! Each time with various additives, raisins, top fruit, chocolate :) Very tasty indeed!

But I tried it on and cake and the cake was my very vlusna! Then I tried to do and cake, but it was not successful because very quickly and I read comments that bake at 150 degrees and not enough where it burned and stuck to the baking pan. Sledvashtiya no time to hurry and Stam! Otherwise delicious

It was great! Thanks for the recipe.

cake is incredible. After I learned this recipe, I forgot all the other recipes for cakes. But I do it with 2 eggs-one seems too little. Became very successful. Oh my 6.

Very easy and delicious cake! My daughter makes me very often and do it, but add some walnuts and chocolate but my husband liked it! Bravo for the recipe!

recipe my grandmother is the same. Only products are added in a different order. Cake becomes gorgeous!

Incredible cake. My omethoate it still warm. Bravo for the recipe.

became amazing!

Thanks to the comments I came across this recipe and have made it without any change of curiosity what will come. I used a rectangular cake, because the round that I have is larger. I am pleased with the result- that is really quick, tasty and economical cake.

this cake became mandatory to kafeto- is so economical that you already do every day. Today is full of cocoa and chocolate into small pieces.

I decided to join in the comments for this truly amazing cake, but not because it is *economical*, but because it is great. If there is a *classic in cakes*, perhaps this is the recipe - the classic. I do a variety of cakes - complex *rotated* with added fruit, nuts, Turkish delight, raisins ... many other things, but for me it is the most delicious cake - just as in the recipe - without additives. Moreover gets involved quickly, not even necessary mixer. I have not tried for a crust of cake, but I'm sure that will be a great cake.

cake obtained from a great-great! I encourage all who have not tried to cook :)

This is the first cake I made. Already and do experiments with it. The last time finely chopped banana and added to the white mixture. Top it poured with chocolate glaze. Became superb! Thanks for the recipe!

Very fast, easy and delicious recipe. I put 3 eggs.