Garlic tiger prawns

Submitted by enr on 26 Mar 2012
1 kg tiger shrimp (black tiger prawns, Penaeus monodon, Gambas)
4-5 cloves garlic
lemon 1
2 tsp oregano
flour for rolling
olive oil for frying
Garlic tiger prawns
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Chopped to 3 cloves of garlic with the salt and most of oregano. Add lemon juice and stir to melt salt. shrimp, if frozen, thaw in water. Clean, first detach the legs, and then enter a finger under the bumper peel. Discard the skins and tail, taking care not to leave meat in them (see photos). Shrimp put in flour and rolled well flour to absorb all their moisture. This amount fry in two batches. In a pan on medium heat heat olive oil (sunflower oil). The fat must be like for meatballs - among abundant. Shrimp are placed in the heated oil and fry about 2 minutes. Add salt and gently turn. 1 is pressed clove of garlic and sprinkle on them. Pan to vibrate, to spread the garlic flavor. Shrimp are removed on a plate and pour on them the oil, which are fried. Covered with a large bowl or put in a warm oven. By turning to the removal are once again for about 2 minutes. The pan is rinsed, dried and fry the next batch. Ready shrimp is dripped with garlic sauce, sprinkle with remaining oregano and served immediately. * fry with heads, shrimp definitely better, more intense flavor. Personally, we then separate them. * The amount is about 3 servings.
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26 Mar 2012


Much yummy fried well, munched and fragrant, delicacy. We rasim garlic everywhere, but here we have not thought of, and fry them without cleaning them, rolled in flour but recently use starch, less burn the flour, the next time you use garlic, learn many things here. The pictures began to swallow.

before I did not clean them, but rather guests have inhibitions to peel them while eating, and panada remains in their armor, unless osmuche :), this is exactly what many people are ashamed in the company. With starch I have not thought to do them, will try next time.

Rights for guests with claims, they only cleaned.

I am one of the people who love shrimp. And these are simply superb! These pictures are licked, swallowed and only felt the taste and fragrance.

a real pleasure, 2 kg. three of nothing left of them.

I am very happy, dear! Enjoy your meal! And I feel like eating, I have one kilogram frozen, can these days to destroy it :)

Many were received so delicious cooked. My son licked his fingers. Goes to Favorites!

Stella, this is one of the absolute-favorite recipes at home! I just do not do shrimp otherwise :) I delight that you are liked, especially the child :)