Healthy pancakes

Submitted by enr on 17 Oct 2014
5 eggs
250 g rice flour, quinoa flour or fine oatmeal
500-600 ml milk
1-2 tbsp whose
1-2 vanilla (not zadallzhitelni)
Healthy pancakes
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Beat eggs, add flour, milk and vanilla and whip well. Strain through a strainer, no lumps of flour. Add ences and stirring. In lightly greased pan bake pancakes. When they do with oatmeal mix everything in a blender and add ences again after the mixture is ready. * I love them with banana, peanut butter and raspberry - healthy and very tasty.
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17 Oct 2014


And can you pancake to be baked in the oven? I tried something similar with rice flour, nothing happened - outside Bake, raw inside, tried to make them very thin and then are toasted. With oatmeal but will try.

I have not tried in the oven and do not know if it would work. My always are, sometimes even put a little yogurt and soda in the mix and become more holes and are always very tasty.

I can not eat fried, since they remove bile, so all the heat. Maybe that's why with rice flour pancakes are not me, because I try to roast them. Can rice pancakes to bake in a very hot skillet without fat?

Yes I never use fat pancakes, leave that is willing to anoint them with oil after they are issued. Use a frying pan and I never have a problem.