Banitsa spinach

Submitted by enr on 02 Feb 2011
300 ml lukewarm water
1 tbsp vinegar
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
50 ml sunflower oil
flour, enough to make soft dough
# For the filling:
1 kg spinach
2 bunches of spring onions
1 bunch dill
2 eggs
300 g feta cheese
# spreads:
100 g margarine
100 ml sunflower oil
Banitsa spinach
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In the water is added the vinegar, sugar, salt and the oil, add flour and kneaded until a medium soft dough. Divide it in two balls, one more. Wrap it with transparent foil and cover with a cloth, leave to relax for 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile, thoroughly wash the spinach, cut it and put in boiling water for 3 minutes. Subtract it from the water by letting it drain. Put it in a bowl and add the washed and chopped dill, 2 eggs, crumbled feta cheese. In skillet stew with a little sunflower oil chopped onion for 2 minutes and add it to the spinach, stir. Margarine and the oil heated in a court. We take a large ball and rolling out the range, if necessary with rasim flour leaves smeared with heated sunflower oil and margarine. Cut a circle in the center of the sheet and the side of the circle cut the leaves into pieces, each piece placed in the center of one another, closing the circle and wrap in transparent foil. Refrigeration and stayed until Roll and other ball the same way and leave it in the refrigerator. Subtract first cooled ball and rolled into a circle large enough to cover the tray. Grease the tin with plenty warmed sunflower oil margarine with Roll cover sheet tray, pour the mixture of spinach, spread evenly. Roll out the second crust and cover the filling both ends twisted them. Cut into squares pour the remaining sunflower oil and bake at 200C until browned. * The tray is 34 cm. * Stuffing can be with feta cheese and eggs, or fried leeks with feta or cheese with onion or desired.
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02 Feb 2011


Auu, yummy. Do you accept guest ??? :-))) Go to a favorite recipe I loved it and will do soon.

Very interesting way of making sheet. Pie looks very appetizing, well done!

Accept guests peel become like puff pastry, is easy to do !!!

Man alive while still learn something new and interesting! I'll try this way of preparing the dough. From now imagine crunchiness after being baked.

Very interesting way to prepare sheet. I will definitely try to make it, but I will be with leeks. Let me get

pig becomes very tasty, easy to make and always successful. You can do scalding and you can not choke, 2 eggs and cheese! Spinach is slightly tricky job but I prepare the day before, and I always have in the fridge ready. Here in Libya there is always fresh but not bang as Bulgarian! Success

Yes, indeed, a very interesting way of sharpening peel. And I will try mandatory. And the pictures look very appetizing.

Today I made. It is very tasty and really not difficult. I used two fillings - cheese with eggs and relay. Peel crispy - like my salty pie.

I'm glad you liked it, I have not thought to do with two different fillings very umnooo. I've stuffing and mashed boiled zucchini little sugar and vanilla and becomes super sweet! Photos samnogo good.

My husband does not like zelenishi:-) This is a two fillings. And I thought about the sweet version and next time I will probably do for dessert. There are many options and will often do. Great recipe really.

Banitsa says spanakopita but had a recipe with the same name, the recipe know it from the Greek Mitropalit in Tripoli.

Very crispy wafers, mmm, vksotiya.

Very nice happened! Now her out of the oven. I had onion and made it with leek and onion and added a little mint!

In the absence of spinach stuffing made it with fried onions, it was very tasty!

Yesterday I made spinach pie and clippings remained fairly dough. I decided not to throw and to risk. I cut them into pieces put them on each other wrapped in fresh foil and put in the fridge, pulled it out today as warm him disheveled thin stuffing made of cheese eggs and yogurt, narasih on sheets and rolled up, get vkrayna cream pie crispy and flaky pastry.

As I had spinach, experimented with milled and frozen spring dock. Swapped fennel with mint. Was very nice and in this way. Will try and leeks.

With everything going green, I have rules and lettuce, I'm glad that you liked the pie.

steffanell, made her perfect. Photos are tempting and appetizing remind me of great taste.

This time was very nice.

flower is gorgeous! :) Very tasty! :)

Thanks Lirinka