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500 g minced meat
1 kg potatoes
1 onion
1-2 tomatoes
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp savory
2 eggs
200 g yogurt
2 tbsp flour
pinch of baking soda
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Chop the onion finely and fry in 3-4 tbsp sunflower oil. Add the mince and cook until done on grains. Season with spices, add grated tomatoes and simmer 5-6 minutes. Peel the potatoes, wash and cut into cubes. Put in an oiled tray, top put the mince, mix well and pour hot water to cover products. Bake in preheated oven at 200 C for 30 minutes. eggs broken with flour, add yogurt, a pinch of baking soda and chopped parsley. Pour moussaka and returned to the oven for 10-15 minutes until turn pink. Serve with yogurt.
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16 Sep 2008


Very nice sweetly recommend it to you.

Super is musakichkata.

Raspberry Raspberry if you know how my current leagues until now ... but then what I had in mind and mmm! I for the 2 nd time I draw from this recipe and is TERRIBLE!

It is very tasty. I make it in the same way, but I have not put TOPPING never before baking. Today I tried it, and now bake-izglevda very well :)

My way of doing moussaka is like, well done.

VERY VKUSNAAA :) In my dressing I neslagam flour and parsley.

topping January prepare the same way but exude zhaltzhtsite of proteins that break them ofsnow covering medium becomes soft and fluffy

My aunt boiled small potatoes before putting them in the baking pan. Becomes much more delicious! Try!

Musakichkata is great!

yesterday made it became miracle

very nice happened! Bravo for the recipe!

moussaka is great!I also boiled potatoes and topping January borrowed from moussaka *Ronnie* and it was phenomenal ... :)

really good

became an incredible salad instead Chubrika put dried mint on varha 1 k. l. cinnamon instead Kaim Rousse Cooked and 2 zucchini diced without frying was very delicious moussaka.

starhotna is! today made it that way and all liked it. goes to Favorites

In our all liked it

It is this delicious moussaka, today made it, is amazing! Even my baby liked it Just me rushed covering medium of what may be due?

Perhaps the oven is too hot or the upper wire is close to the baking pan. I put yogurt in baking soda and starts to plunk, yet when you lick on moussaka. Then, when you bake more rise and so remains.

And I put baking soda, but really baking pan was near the top wire, thanks for the advice!

regularly moussaka in this recipe. Only pre-cooked potatoes. My mother did before frying them into small cubes.

I like this recipe because the spices and parsley in topping. I put a carrot instead of a tomato and it directly with potatoes without prior heat treatment.

super eeeeeeeeee

moussaka is extra ... put it in my favorites! Thanks for the recipe

moussaka is amazing :)

Abe TOPPING something happened, I kept the recipe but alas?

I do moussaka similarly, but first put the sliced ​​potatoes in the pan, posolyavam them, sprinkle them with a little paprika and oil inundate them with warm water and parch until soften (this is an alternative to preliminary cooking) . Only then add fried mince, mix everything and bake until almost all the liquid has evaporated. In addition TOPPING put yogurt and milk, sometimes grated cheese. Becomes very tasty and fluffy.

Bulgarian potatoes melt very quickly!

That's the way I prepare and moussaka. I am very delicious. In topping and put cheese (sometimes). Apologies ugly picture: - (

I make it in the same way, but the potatoes fry them for a few minutes in the mixture of minced meat, once it is *crumbs*, then bake in the baking pan.TOPPING my only eggs and yogurt.

Thanks for the recipe! First steps in cooking and I was so happy to prepare so delicious moussaka :) My boyfriend is not Bulgarian, but already a big fan of Bulgarian cuisine! Super became moussaka! :)

Incredible straight to lick your fingers!

And I join the good reviews for the moussaka. Here today and all cooked at home and enjoyed.

At the end of I be able to do moussaka! Became supes with this recipe. Until now trying all sorts vatianti but alas only sasippvah products. TO TODAY! Thanks very much for the recipe.

Super recipe! I concoct potatoes separately and then put them in the baking pan with the finished mince and bake 15 minutes to seal the covering medium. Yummy!

delicious meals :)

favorite of all Moussaka :)

British enchanted with this moussaka :) Now I gave all in package and savory recipe translated! Thank my and their name!

I'm glad you have them bewitched ... Bravo! Abe our kitchen is great.

Wonderful! Spaniards tried and said that our kitchen is very delicious. :)

same products I use. But put them all together without Fry. When the potatoes are ready, add tomatoes and after 15 minutes halls. Very tasty moussaka!

Before least pulled it from the oven. Once again wonderful. I early in the onion and put a carrot finely. :)

Hello, recipe looks very good, but ignorant in the field of cooking have a question. When you put the potatoes to bake in the oven, does this mean that the baking pan is covered with cooking foil, or just put?
I would be very grateful if my answer soon because I can not wait to try the recipe :)

I do not put foil when do moussaka. :)

No, it bake it again, will not stew. I also never put foil. Good luck! :)

recipe is great and very easy. In England his regular snacking moussaka made exactly this recipe :)

I have prepared moussaka in this retsepta- for the first time and do get very tasty. Thanks for the recipe. I added a bit more cumin and savory, because I like to have spices. I enclose a photo :)

and I liked the recipe, but I got watered less than had - and I kept the recipe.

I love this recipe for moussaka. Since I only saw her do all at home and are very pleased!

Very tasty and easy to prepare recipe. Bravo. Is already a favorite of my family moussaka. Thank you