Homemade candy Raphael

Submitted by enr on 13 Feb 2014
400 ml condensed milk
200 g coconut
4 tbsp sugar
60 g butter
1 vanilla
50 g of raw almonds or hazelnuts
Homemade candy Raphael
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In a deep pot with non-stick coating (eg Teflon) pour the condensed milk to which is added the butter, sugar and vanilla. Once the mixture boils are added to it and coconut and stir constantly over low heat until mixture thickens and like a coconut batter. Stir thoroughly, otherwise the mixture of homemade coconut candy can burn. Once the coconut mixture thickens remove from heat and allow to cool. The cold mixture round the candy with his hands in the center of each ball is placed in an almond. Shaped candy pet Raphael refrigerate. To coconut candy-tousled and cute can be rolled in coconut.
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13 Feb 2014


Great candy - my favorite. I do them very often. Bonnie, the picture is beautiful!

Bonnie, how many units out roughly? In favorite is waiting line.

40 -50 candy - depends on the size of marbles that you do. Become very quickly and easily, and to taste all tried them said they were better than purchased. I put inside seeds of domestic hazelnuts.

Thank you. Soon there will be occasion and will be presented to them.

Tomorrow, our family has a reason to celebrate! For treats prepared cake Raphael to be complete combination: Pets candy Raphael! Now aged in the refrigerator, I sincerely hope all of them is delicious :) :) :)

Pepi, happy holiday of your family - be strong and united candy :) Hope you like :)

Makaweli, how will we like, like candy are great! :) For the next time I would add to the mix a white chocolate. Happy Holidays to you :)

The chocolates were delicious, but not quite what I expected. I admit that I added a little white chocolate and probably why my oil separated and poured it. Next time I'll try the recipe in its original form.