Horse mackerel in BBQ

Submitted by enr on 26 Jan 2014
4 mackerel fillets
olive oil spreads Fish
# For the sauce:
equal parts soy sauce and lemon juice
1-2 drops of sesame sunflower oil
grated ginger to taste
Horse mackerel in BBQ
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Salted Fish fillets, brush them with olive oil and put them to bake on hot BBQ. Before serving in a dish and pour the sauce on top already baked fish (to keep the crust crispy). May pour already baked fish with sauce.
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26 Jan 2014


Only me feel like eating as her look :)

I am still not become too clear how the sauce is placed under the fish while grilling or after it has baked. Pre-seasoned you in some way? How exactly are formed fillets of mackerel, given that it is not the biggest fish, or at least that is sold here is not? Otherwise the picture looks really appetizing. Scad is one of my favorite fish, but I've eaten fried or grilled whole, fillets'm not trying.

milena75, thanks for the comments :) corrected recipe. For fillets: scissor fish along with a sharp knife and clean off the spine bones with tweezers. Ask if there are other inaccuracies;). to6inkaaa, I'm glad you're hungry :)