Injection pretzels without eggs

Submitted by enr on 15 Jan 2010
250 g margarine
250 g feta cheese
250 g of flour (2 full cup)
5 g baking powder
Injection pretzels without eggs
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Margarita mix with grated feta cheese. Add flour sifted with baking powder. The dough is kneaded with a spoon (not hands). Just mix nice. Pretzels are extruded on not oiled tray. Can be extruded different shapes with cookie press.
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15 Jan 2010


Today I made them, but put and cheese (200 g. + 50 g cheese. Cheese). Were very tasty and quick to prepare.

Tanya, I'm glad that you liked the recipe. I do not doubt that with the addition of cheese have become even more delicious. I wanted to do with the press for sweet, but it something jammed, so spraying them in this way, as in the picture.

Ina currently no cheese. If they put Filadelfia - will become? Add a little salt?

Oh, one more thing. Cold margarine, at room temperature or melted? As not to be touched with hands, maybe a cold right, but I can ask ...:-)

Can you use butter, not margarine?

Ivona can be used and oil and grease and oil. With oil or fat are best if not the grease smell.

Rally, I have no idea what, represents a Philadelphia cheese and therefore this question I can not answer that cheese should be soft, sliced ​​finely, so that then the entire mixture to pass freely through the opening of the syringe / press /. Fat cheese and beat with mixer to allow the cheese to dorazbie. Then add the flour. The dough becomes crumbs and so then it knead / Frame / spoon; Depending on the salinity of the cheese can be placed and a little salt; The fat should be soft / no molten / to may be broken down; The dough is squirted necessarily on NEnamazana baking pan, otherwise pretzels are *slipping* on the baking pan. After roast them unstuck still hot; I hope I have been thorough in his explanations. If there is something unclear, we'll explain myself and emphasize!

My mistake, Inka! Philadelphia is a type of cream cheese. By the way - did them with improvised and became very very nice, and really put a little salt, were just right! Bravo for retsetata! However - a second attempt was with cottage cheese,-loving, cheese grains that were on the surface, cooks were like flakes (like a popcorn) could not be chewed. And because it is very humid cheese, put a little more flour - result - Adhesive our palate ... Abe, adventure:-)

Well it from such adventures to learn, and often even from errors or oversights create new recipes!

Many are those delicious cookies. Regularly do them :)

Miroslava, I'm glad that you experimented with the recipe! I hope you've eaten with pleasure!

Such zaribyavka are that eat like one and stop at 49th;) I put ground caraway seeds for flavor :)

Mary laughed me with this comment! :) Really addictive! Glad you liked. A Kimball is suitable spice cookies.