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Submitted by enr on 16 Dec 2011
1 kg of flour
3 eggs
400 g yogurt
200 g feta cheese
7-8 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tbsp salt
# For leaven:
40 g yeast
1-2 tbsp sugar
1-2 tbsp flour
Kalipetrinska asks
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We prepare leaven. In a small bowl put the yeast and sugar, pour about 50 ml lukewarm water. Stir well, add flour and mix again. Let stand until the surface bubbles. In a deep bowl put sifted flour. Do well, broken eggs without the yolks one by. Add 3 tbsp of the oil, salt and yogurt. Add yeast, knead dough. Transfer it on a floured surface, divide it into two parts. Each knead dough balls and rolled into a circle the size of the tray, which will bake. Watering the first sheet with 1-2 streak sunflower oil, sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese. Put the second page oilme with another 1-2 streak sunflower oil. Cut into 16 triangular pieces, hauling them gently roll up the buns. Arrange as rays greased tin. Cover with towel and leave the cake to rise. Smeared with egg yolk and bake in the oven until browned.
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16 Dec 2011
TV coverage Ivan Zvezdev


What size is the baking pan? If you have photos will be easy! Passes to favorites when he saw the pictures will dare to do!

but a picture is not approved yet, baking pan size is currently stationed around 30 cm diameter :)

flowers guess mar4enceto_88 ​​will write, but as far as I can orient the transfer of Yves. Zvezdev, baking pan 26/28 cm. The woman who showed loaf wound pretty tight buns from the wide part to the top. It ordered 13 rolls like rays and 3 placed in the middle. Me too I loved bread.

to my baking pan is 30 cm :) me bread was my right as a woman in Ivan Zvezdev try you will not regret! :)

I think it is a big baking pan is not a problem because the cake by blowing :)

I have not seen this show, thank Ina and mar4enceto_88 ​​response and explanation blagodyarya you girls!

very successful recipe. upload a photo. I hope to be approved it. Use also for buns with cheese, sausages with

Last night I kneaded the dough for bread, the idea of ​​arrangement borrowed from this recipe! Thanks to author! :) If I am too far with the photos, I apologize, I could not do less choice! :)

Pepi, great photos! Came to me super. I want to ask, always bake cakes on paper? I, I have never enjoyed in cakes easier is it? Bread seems to me a mekichka, tasty, mmm ... Congratulations!

Thank you, Lirinka! Always bake cakes on paper! To me personally, so I was more comfortable because it cooks easily check the lower crust, and keep the baking pan clean! I hope I've been helpful! :)

Hello! I am very glad that you have uploaded photos :) I have not tried with baking paper but still happens. Next time I'll try and paper to see how it is;) :). The recipe is very easy and quickly becomes :)

Yesterday (Saturday) have to work for all the havoc that make hurricane wind in Gabrovo! I went home tired and nervous, an hour before my guests arrive. I think the good organization saved me from failure! I even had time to fulfill his desire to welcome our friends with this delicious cake! :)

yesterday made it for the birthday of my son all loved it. but bra6noto me less than kilogram