Krambal with strawberries and apples

Submitted by enr on 22 Jun 2014
250- 300 g strawberries
1-2 apples
1 packet of vanilla sugar
125 g of flour (1 cup)
100 g sugar
100 g butter
1 tea cup . a mixture of coconut, fine oatmeal, coarsely chopped walnuts
butter for greasing the pan
Krambal with strawberries and apples
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To flour mixed with sugar is added cold butter and crushed by hand crumbs. A mixture of coconut, oats and walnuts. Everything is mixed well. Leave in the refrigerator until ready fruit. Washed and drained strawberries cut into halves and together with peeled and sliced ​​apple slices are arranged in a buttered baking dish (I used size 26h17 cm). Sprinkle with vanilla sugar. Top distributes dry mixture. Bake at moderate temperature - 180 degrees C in a preheated oven. * The dessert is served cold, optional with ice cream, whipped cream or drained yogurt. * Can use other fruit in this recipe.
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22 Jun 2014


look very appetizing :) And with some of my favorite products. I'm sure it is delicious. Put it to favorites and will surely try :)

Lana, the idea was to just strawberries, but as far as the cakes were very small and so combined with delicious apples :) More will be if you mix the two fetus, but we wanted to try individually how will it taste . My daughter liked more apples, grandson definitely turned to strawberries! :)

:) Thanks for the idea occurred to me to do it in three parts - two fruit separately and the third part mixed. I wonder what flavors will get :)

Lana, your idea is most appropriate! :) I'll be glad if you try.