Submitted by enr on 22 Mar 2009
3 eggs
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
300 ml water
sunflower oil for frying
powdered sugar
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Eggs mixed with baking soda and salt. Add the flour and the water must be obtained dough thicker than cake batter. Spoon is taken from the mixture and fry in a well heated fat. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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22 Mar 2009


These are fritters without k. milk - as I understand it!

I know them as *Rural tiganitsi*. Do them with 1 egg and are very successful and easy.

They are very tasty and quick to prepare. I do them every morning when he did.

are not they fritters

Type buhtichki have to.

These are not fritters and rural tiganitsi as Ina wrote. Dough fritters are sharpening and cut into pieces, then fry. Dough tiganitsi kind cakes, slightly thick, scoop with a spoon, pour into hot oil and fry.

This recipe know it from my grandmother and she called them just lalangichki. Regularly prepare them for breakfast, but do not put soda. Obtained without it. Of baking dough takes many pveche fat. The dough is not cakes and Pan-cake, but slightly thick.

With 1 egg and 1 cup / 200 ml / water add 2 cups flour. Cheap, fast and delicious breakfast! :)

Ina perfect look!

Thank you, Willy! More importantly, they are delicious and fast :)

Ina very beautiful picture!

Thank you flowers!

My mother is of Romanian settlers in Tutrakan and my grandmother and she also called them *lalangi* only fried them in a little oil and became flattened, but plump and then melt them in granulated sugar became divine-most I am glad that I found this recipe I put her already in favorites and will prepare it these days-I had not thought about them since my mother left this world 12 years ago, she often preparing them ..Thank you Ina for shared recipe.

I apologize to Nina, but in his haste I missed the first letter and got a quick hand-godmother have a shirt from me ..

Splendid buhtichki, very quick and tasty, it took a lot of fat and will often present at our table:) Thanks for the great recipe!

villas made tempt me with these photos! And as is necessary to avoid fried foods, will skip the recipe. If, however, see them home ... I do not know how to get out! :) :) :)

Do not pass by Pepi :) I only parzhih them in little fat and dough was very thick so it does not become greasy and very pleasant meal :) As much as prohibited by 1-can :)

very fast and delicious, devoured in seconds. izparzhih them into shapes. thanks for yubavata recipe.

These lalangichki me back to childhood-prepared them and with great pleasure we ate them-parzhih them in a little oil on low heat so as not to overcook and stay raw inside, and because once powdered sugar was a luxury-grandmother our mother pours crystal sugar into a bowl and dip them in it so now and so I ate them. Quick and easy breakfast.