Layered cake with caramel cream - II type

Submitted by enr on 20 Mar 2014
# White base:
1 egg
8 tbsp sugar
12 tbsp milk
12 tbsp flour
10 g baking powder
# Brown base:
2 eggs
40 g cocoa
140 g sugar
100 ml milk
100 g flour
70 ml sunflower oil
5 g baking powder
# For the cream:
1.5 liters of fresh milk
200 g sugar
9 tbsp flour
4 eggs
Layered cake with caramel cream - II type
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Brown base : Mix dry ingredients, cocoa, flour, sugar and baking powder. With mixer beat eggs. They add the milk and the oil and dry ingredients. Bake at 180C degrees preheated oven. White base: Beat eggs with sugar. Gradually add milk, flour, vanilla and baking powder. Bake at 160C degrees preheated oven. Each of the bases, bisected in half. I enjoyed 18 cm pan. For the cream: caramel and gradually add milk as waiting until the caramel dissolves. In a separate bowl stirring the eggs and add them dissolved in a little water flour. When milk is boiling add the egg mixture, as we continue stirring until thickening. According to the flavor, sugar may be more or less than that specified in the recipe. Optional syrup the bases. Assemble cake alternating white with brown base.
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20 Mar 2014


From the old home and delicious cakes that do not need to look hungry! :)Tania, would you please specify with 12. L. And 9 in. L. Flour how many grams are? Sugar and milk no problem. I like the latter must and cream and I want to do. :)

One tablespoon of flour is about 10 grams. :)

this is my favorite cream whether I sunbathe or use the latter must not ready, it is very tasty :)

A milk in the latter must what? Yogurt you?!?

Milk, will complement the recipe.

I made the cake and not to men work for me was difficult. :) It was large in size, not very beautiful in appearance, but in contrast, is very light and delicious.