Layered cake with cottage cheese and blueberries

Submitted by enr on 21 Mar 2012
200 g tea biscuits
100 g butter
500 g sour cream
500 g cottage cheese
400 g sugar
200 ml cream
2 tbsp gelatin
200 g blueberries
Layered cake with cottage cheese and blueberries
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The biscuits are ground and mixed with melted butter. The mixture is coated bottom of detachable baking dish and went to the refrigerator. Stir the cottage cheese with sugar and sour cream until evenly mixed. Blueberries are ground. The mixture with the cottage cheese divided into two parts, one of which is less than the other. To the lower part, add blueberries. Gelatin was dissolved in water, then is melted and added to the hot plate heated cream. Pour evenly into two parts with the cottage cheese. The form is removed from the refrigerator. The inside side put baking paper. In the middle of the form is poured in succession, alternating them in less than the two mixtures, while the end. Harvested in the refrigerator until the mixture harden completely. The mold is then released from the ring. Decorate optional.
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21 Mar 2012