Layered cake Dobush

Submitted by enr on 01 Apr 2003
6 eggs
120 g of powdered sugar
120 g flour
butter spreads
flour for sprinkling
150 g sugar
# Cream:
5 eggs
60 g chocolate
1 cup (200 g) powdered sugar
200 g butter
vanilla sugar
Layered cake Dobush
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Cream: He fought sugar, chocolate and eggs in a water bath to thickening cream is removed and allowed to cool time stirring occasionally. Add parts cool mixture beaten butter, add the vanilla sugar and beat until light cream. Cake: is broken yolks with powdered sugar bright light foam, gradually add the beaten egg whites ia hard and sifted flour. Spread the dough on a greased with butter and sprinkled with flour baking dish in the form of six equally large thin circles and bake. Five of cool circles smeared with cream and put one on another. Sixth round the bay with golden caramel (prepared by melting sugar in a pan), cut with a knife smeared with butter, the desired number of pieces placed on the prepared cake, lift every nook and underside is coated with cream.
Very difficult
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01 Apr 2003


Yam Yam. :)) Amazing cakes! Yesterday I made it for *sample* with half recipe and it was incredibly delicious! And it is not difficult to do - if the latter must start with the cake and put the cream in a water bath - while the latter must bake one by one (I used cutter cake) - cream is ready. Will do her this recipe regularly!

I'll try to get it rigged and I will photograph / if it becomes successful /

milagro, very good performance!Congratulations!A photo of the cut will you?

It reminds me of childhood, then much was done here. Image is very delicious!

today will make the cut and get a picture

People Pastry is unique ...

Such beauty can not be done :)

Cake says Doboj (not DobUsh and missing sugar in the recipe for caramel and an indication of preparation. And if this is the original recipe is quite another matter.