Layered cake Dynasty

Submitted by enr on 11 Sep 2009
10 egg whites
300 g sugar
300 g ground walnuts
3 tbsp flour
rind of 1 lemon
3 vanilla
# For the cream:
10 tbsp sugar
8 tbsp flour
10 yolks
sheet 1 lemon
2 vanilla
1 liter milk
250 g butter
100 g of powdered sugar
200 g of dark chocolate
Layered cake Dynasty
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For the base: Whip of snow. Trickle added sugar and the whole was stirred until completely dissolved. Add ground walnuts, flour, grated lemon rind and vanilla. The mixture is stirred gently with a spoon or scoop. Pour into a rectangular pan from the oven, covered with baking paper. The base bake at 150 C in a preheated oven. For the cream: flour, sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl and mix. Add a little milk to obtain a slurry. Add the egg yolks and grated lemon rind. All stir well and gradually diluted with other milk. Boil the cream is thick. Once finished cream cool is divided into two parts. One is added to 250 g butter, fluffy cream with 100 g of powdered sugar. Cream mix well with mixer. To the other part of the basic cream is added 200 g melted in a water bath of dark chocolate. And this cream stir well again with a mixer. Once removed from the oven the base can be covered with a cloth to soften and cut easier later. Baked base was cut into three strips lengthwise. Assemble in the usual way - base, cream, chocolate cream, base. Spread the cake top and sides with cream and garnish with crushed walnuts.
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11 Sep 2009


made round it. Incredibly delicious and exquisite taste!

lu4a, congratulations - cake looks fantastic. I had not come across this recipe, but now after your appetizing photos in sending her favorites.

most fabulous cakes I've eaten and rules. Pozdravlenya recipe. Apply and pictures.

I loved your cake! Looks great :) Can you share how rules flowers?

Pipilota, beautiful decoration. Like her shot through the window of a luxury shop. Very beautiful. Bravo!

I am glad that you liked the cake. Roses make very easy, choose fruit, I enjoyed nectarines. Take the potato peeler and it leaves you do, then assemble the rose. It is easy. Then cover them with gelatin to stay fresh longer. You can use any fruit but must be firm.

Very nice cake, and I will try! :)

This same cake Dynasty Is, as Yoli?

mimoza784-same and seems very tasty :)

On a birthday They bought exactly with this cake. Is gorgeous! Will definitely make it for someone special occasion :) Please ilaq25 to add the source of the recipe. Let us respect the labor of others :)

If you can some tell me the size of the rectangular baking pan from oven, my oven is twofold and I can not orient myself.

bottom of my oven baking pan 30 OF 34 CM.

janova, thanks for the information.

Today I made the cake, the latter must not perfect but it seems that the milk cream and chocolate cream I liked not fit with swamps, the cream was pretty and did not throw a small cake with cookies, the next time 10 pcs yolks will break them with powdered sugar on low heat after iztinat will add 125 g butter Beat with a little powdered sugar, the other cream will be cream.

flowers, I many times I made the cake and is very tasty, but I am surprised that you remained very creamy ... Should not you be nothing left. Everything fits and leaves little for iznazvane. The idea is the latter must be very thin and cream. See original recipe Joly explains it well with pictures.

Snow and from there watched the cake is great but remained fairly creamy and quite nahlepah m / t lines, the rest of the cream is used for biscuit cake cream there very well matched, tomorrow I will let the picture, my feeling was that creams are not the right place for these cake, do not say that it was delicious.

How long bake swamps?

Bake at 180 degrees in preheated oven until the turn pink around 20-25 minutes.