Layered cake with jam and cream

Submitted by enr on 07 Mar 2011
3 ready bases
# For the cream:
200 g sour cream
4-5 tsp jam of your choice
# For the coating:
150 g margarine
100 g powdered sugar
2 -3 tbsp milk (water)
2-3 tbsp cocoa if we cocoa color
# Sample decoration:
crushed walnuts, chocolate sprinkles or other
Layered cake with jam and cream
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Products for cream mix well with him sticking the bases. So blind cake placed in the refrigerator for several hours. Of margarine powdered sugar, milk or water gets soft cream and it is covered (plastered) cake top and sides. So the cake is ready for decoration, we decided to do. In the easiest option is covered with chocolate sprinkles, walnuts or another - for example fondant.
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07 Mar 2011


Here is a simple cake. Nelly Bravo!

Great recipe! Easy and delicious cakes! The pictures it seems to me that the latter must have been cut in the middle for chess cake?

Nelly is a fantastic, beautiful cake - congratulations

einjal, thank you, I had no time for anything especially.

examined two - three cakes of your blog you get your big fan - you are fantastic. Make masterpieces. Some things seem Sym seen them, whether you're cooking vyv some groups vyv ub as our vkusnotiyki, cook with me, 1001 or some other recipes to Neu list them all

Wow, Nelly is great. Even if you had no time for anything so your cake is incredibly beautiful. Well done.