Layered cake with mascarpone and chocolate spread

Submitted by enr on 14 Jan 2011
3 ready bases (chocolate)
500 g feta cheese Mascarpone
200 ml pastry cream
4 tbsp sugar
4-5 tbsp chocolate spread
1/2 cup coffee beverages
100 g nuts for decoration (I used roasted almonds)
cream bottle for decoration (beating or 200 g cream)
Layered cake with mascarpone and chocolate spread
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Whipped cream fluffy cream. Stir the mascarpone with 3 tbsp sugar and add cream to it, such as confusion gently to mix. Put first base and moistening it with 1/3 of coffee. Spread top 1/3 of cream cream. Put the second base and it also humidify with half of the remaining coffee. Greased preheated chocolate spread. Spread top half of the rest of the milk cream. The third base as the first act. Whitened entire cake with mascarpone cream. Grinding nuts and decorate the cake edge. Top molding cream roses. Before consumption is good cake to stand for one night in the refrigerator. * I used ready bases, but in the original recipe the bases prepare them yourself (you can find the necessary products to link more below).
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14 Jan 2011


Good, I like a lot! Simple recipe, quick and undoubtedly delicious!

Yesterday we made pelvis cake and eat without residue! Instead of coffee, drink into the latter must by 1 hour. AM. Caramel milk prepared herself. Preparation, together with caramel, it took me 30 minutes :) Little decorate it with chocolate and sugar sticks :) Fast, aromatic, delicious cake!