Layered cake with Napoleon ready puff pastry - II type

Submitted by enr on 01 Oct 2014
# For the cream:
1 liter milk
3 eggs
1 packet of vanilla pudding Oetker
1 and 1/2 cup sugar or to taste
1 packet of vanilla sugar
5-6 tbsp flour
125 g butter
# For the bases:
800 g puff pastry
walnuts for decoration - ground
Layered cake with Napoleon ready puff pastry - II type
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Puff pastry is rolled up two pieces that unfolded and we cut each in half. 4 obtained the base. Pierce each with a fork, not inflate during baking and place in a baking dish. I uploaded pictures of visible detail. Bake in preheated oven at 200-220C degrees. And should make the cream. Beat eggs with a good part of the sugar until fluffy, add 1 cup of milk, pudding bag and finally the flour. The rest of the milk, heat and before starting to boil sent down the thickening mixture and stir until thickening cream. But before this reduction plates, not burn cream. To the hot cream, add vanilla sugar packet and packet butter (cream that my department and I use it for pretty pastries). Stirring, until melted the butter and leave to cool down. At least to me it is easier then in assembling the cake when the cream has cooled down and is tight. It is best to first make the cream and then bake the bases, as I did. It and sticking the cake, all 4 the base, crop than countries hem align, yet and I clippings to crushing and then use to sprinkling on the cake. Between put and ground walnuts, finally finished with cream, chopped walnuts and clippings and paste anywhere nice with them. The result is wonderful - with a sharp knife cut the cake.
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01 Oct 2014


I think it a try;)!

At last I tried this dessert has become incredible, but dumb reached cream shtot most it izyadph ptedi do cake :)

Lily, thanks! :) Cream is incredible, and we like your version. Will use it and other sweets! ;) :)

I am very glad it came up with the cream of available products and get a very nice and I use it for a variety of sweets :)