Submitted by enr on 08 Dec 2012
500 g flour
250 ml water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp sunflower oil
7 g dry yeast
200 g feta cheese
200 g butter (lard, margarine)
4 eggs
savory, paprika
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Involved dough (without the feta cheese, butter, eggs and spices) as pita. Rise as nice roll, smeared with grease, put it savory, paprika and a little feta cheese, folded, and again smeared with the same, are folded again and becomes a triangle. Place a portion of the feta cheese in the middle and collected a pita. Attention is and put in greased pan razpleskva and leave to rise for 1 hour. Cut into rectangles and pour the beaten eggs 4, the remaining feta cheese and fat. Bake at 180C ° for 30 minutes.
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08 Dec 2012


sounded deliciously! Put in favorite and will make it! Just tell me how much, how many people is roughly the dose does not seem much. And the oven is preheated, right?

Rally, preheat oven baking pan me with diameter 28 cm, her bake cut it into 4 and leads us. Love her very much, quite a caloric, but you occasionally can afford. Will be glad if you like!

So must redouble :) I will do more baking pan rectangular. Cut rectangles then visible or are you just come by topping them?

Rally, if you want a large baking pan will double. Privoagalnitsite not very visible to me because implicate very soft dough, just to get eggs in cuts. I now bake and not visible.

I now bake it. I did a double dose to 500 g white flour, 500g wholemeal spelled flour. However, 500 ml of water was not able to take my whole meal, I did not want to put him and become very hard. Probably from wholemeal flour so get it always takes more water, because the fibers. Furthermore, rationalized way of doing, I have adapted my baking pan. Made 7 balls raztochih rectangles. Each layer thoroughly greased with butter and sprinkled with red pepper and savory. Only the latter not. Then cut into squares and I poured 8 eggs, 300 grams of cheese (no more). Now bake 45 minutes here, 15 minutes more.'ll Leave that rushed a lot, swelled well above the baking pan and I was afraid it would be raw inside. Thick at least 12-13 cm! I did a series of photos from the making, will get them.

Ole big yummy, and the pictures are challenging tempting as I go yashtna me zarafam of monitors, locks and Raleigh vyra59.

very fragrant rose, divided in layers and looks very good. Actually is maznitsa has strengthened enormously! Even Philip failed more than two pieces :) Thanks for the recipe, Vyarche!