Sponge cake with rolled in sesame

Submitted by enr on 21 Jan 2012
3 eggs
100 g sugar
180 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
125 g melted butter
1 vanilla
pinch of salt
150 g pineapple (fresh or canned) (kiwi)
100 g rolled in sesame (fastakovki, kokoski)
Sponge cake with rolled in sesame
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Eggs and sugar mix to cream. Add flour sifted with baking powder, salt and vanilla. The butter is poured in a thin stream, stirring constantly. Add the chopped pineapple (kiwi) and broken rolled in sesame. Stir gently with a spoon and pour the mixture into a buttered and floured cake form. Bake in a pre-heated to 180C for 30-40 minutes. Try to stand with a wooden skewer. Cool on a wire rack. As cool cake sprinkled with powdered sugar and can be adorned with pierced here and there rolled in sesame. * A small cake - cake I used a rectangular shape with dimensions 24h9 cm. * The idea of ​​using the kiwi is Villas Koneva, but can use other fruit.
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21 Jan 2012
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Very interesting, different and mostly nice cake!

The pictures are very beautiful and tempting! Now you need to look and rolled in sesame. If you find will try it myself.

What are rolled in sesame? These solid krokaneni blocks or some kind of biscuits? Photos are rezkoshni! And Ina, and rhenium have a great aesthetic sense!

Just what are rolled in sesame with caramel bars with sesame, ...

Reni, it's great that you made a cake in a round shape. Can be made and muffins.

Rally, flowers just explained to you thank her! Light pieces are rolled in sesame and darker - fastakovki / first such find /. We have 2 recipes for making rolled in sesame. I do not see complicated and I plan to do them.

Not namrih shopping rolled in sesame, will take the recipes on the site, Ina I have not done pelvis recipe, and I saw that you launched another recipe ai no mercy for gluttons like me!

Olee, another beauty ?! Well, what more ahead already do not know. Thank you Ina. All entries in the favorites, I hope soon to do everything that I like the color of everything I eat!

flowers, Desi, you're young and you have enough time to do a lot of delicious cuisine!

Thank you Ina that put me in the category of young!

cake was very tasty! My excellent!

I do not know how, but younger than me, in any event, so glad, as I have put in this category! And I feel in your environment so young! Here with the jokes. Flowers I liked that its spread upon the cake with sesame seeds. Does rolled in sesame them or find ready? And these figures from my kiwi became even more interesting.

Ina, rolled in sesame color makes them yesterday, and wonderful photos put ... And now this cake ... I suspected that something will follow;)

Well yesterday I had no time for the computer and now going in for a few minutes, only to see the comments for the moment I do not have another opportunity and will be either tonight or any other day. Thank you direct me to see what Tsveti them again crafted!

Thank you girls, Raleigh knowledge, Ina had mishaps with the first dose rolled in sesame went in the basket were salty but the second dose I did, no problem ,, today and did lokumov cake and tomorrow will rejoice in the church, have their tradition drink coffee after Mass and rejoice with sweets, we are very united Bulgarians, Greeks and Ukrainians are every Friday in the church. Friday is here as Sunday in Bulgaria with us!

flowers, bravo, you did a wonderful cake. Soon I'll do it today, I bought rolled in sesame (if you keep them until then). Congratulations to your homemade rolled in sesame-they are great!

Congratulations from me for this innovation, like me and a lot of it, and because I love cake, and rolled in sesame love, bravo Aunt Ina! :)

Ina your cake applauded the church, Greek and Cypriot ambassador and others, immediately asked for the recipe for the next time they want a double dose!

I am very happy that the cake is like, but the merit is of Yoli, I only share the recipe and as far as I can illustrate what I have done.

It is very nice this cake! I do it for the second time - now without fruit and with fastakovki. I failed to put mark the first time (do not know why, as the cake is great! ). Immediately correct its mistake!

Reni, as always - great picture! I am glad that you add it to the recipe :)

is already one of the most favorite cakes at home :)

I think after a while it began. I would like to know if the pieces rolled in sesame remain solid in the cake, caramel or melt them. And whether to increase their volume, they will not put fruit. Thank you, girls advance :)

It was great! I did a double dose without fruit, but with 300 g rolled in sesame. He originated it warm, now of caramel rolled in sesame is warm and soft, but I think it will harden as cool.

became a wonderful cake! I did a double dose, and because there is not enough rolled in sesame, coconut and put even sprinkled with them eventually :) Very rich aroma and taste :) great recipe!

sweetani, I'm glad that you liked the cake! Made a new version, as you have not got rolled in sesame! :)

again prepared our favorite cake (this time in a double dose). I had pineapple or kiwi and so I put pears. And it is delicious, all vsyakak is delicious and fruit without them :) Ina, once again thanks to the shared recipe!

Reni, successfully offer the fruit is pear. No doubt that cake again become delicious and aromatic! For photos you - again level! :)

GREAT cake, Ina! I am ashamed to say, when the recipe of aged folder favorite :) So today we tried a double dose pear (initiated by Rennie), the family is fascinated by another yummy :) :) :)! Thanks for shared recipe!

Orris, if we are ashamed of any recorded recipe for sampling, where will come the end ?! :) Now it is time. Glad you liked it. And where is your image? :)

Well, really you received perfect! First saw the picture in FB. :)

Thank you, Ina! :)

cake is great! I do not regret that I did a double dose :)! Missed fruit, because it only apples, but next time I will try to fruit :) and certainly would again be double dose;) :)!

Nela with these delicious photos you upload, you get me to do it again! :)