Mille-feuille with puff pastry

Submitted by enr on 12 Jul 2012
2 sheets of puff pastry (about 500 g)
50 g of powdered sugar
750 ml milk
250 g sugar
75 g flour
75 g cornflakes
2 yolks
50 g butter
2 vanilla
500 ml cream
grated orange peel
Mille-feuille with puff pastry
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500 ml milk and 200 g of sugar is put on the stove, but stir with a spoon after starting to boil. The rest of milk (250 ml) together with cornflakes, flour, vanilla and orange peel mix well (to no lumps). Cut the puff dough uniform square or rectangular pieces that roll in powdered sugar and bake on paper for about 10 minutes. -Puff dough rise and each piece is cut horizontally 2. When it boils add the milk mixture to the flour and confuse well. Get out of the heat and add the egg yolks (one by one) and the butter. Mix well, poured into a tray, covered with foil and allowed to cool in the fridge. The cream is mixed with the remaining sugar (50 g) and add a spoon to spoon already cold cream under vigorous stirring with a wooden spoon. Arrange the pieces of puff pastry dough as 1 cm from each other, smeared with cream, tier puff pastry and cream again. Decorate with broken pieces of puff pastry. * Puff-dough can not be cut into pieces and the order will be as sweet. * For decoration can be grated chocolate or orange (lemon) peel. * cake was tested, the only change was that I put less cream (slightly more than 300 ml) because no other. Cream keeps the cream fluffy.
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12 Jul 2012
Άκης Πετρετζίκης-Greece