Pumpkin on Sevlievski

Submitted by enr on 20 Nov 2008
1 kg pumpkin
600 ml milk
200 g sugar
5 eggs
2-3 leaf geranium
Pumpkin on Sevlievski
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The pure pumpkin cut into shapes optional. Stews until soft, pour the mixture of beaten eggs, milk and sugar, add the aromatic spice and bake in the oven.
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20 Nov 2008


have been looking for this recipe. So I ate cooked pumpkin, but with cinnamon.

0896881983 sashto I do with it but without cinnamon and geranium. Super is.

and I do but geranium and cinnamon. They are very specific spices are not for everyone. Otherwise, the recipe is very nice. I add and cow masaltse.

very tasty, I put walnuts

Thanks. very good.

I do make a 1 liter milk and a handful of rice and 1/2 again butter INSURANCE is

Very tasty, instead of geranium put vanilla :)

Very tasty proposal, like Maggie add vanilla, this is pumpkin custard!

I did something similar but without eggs but only with milk and sugar and walnuts but pumpkin boiled in advance and in a baking dish and washed over her and was very tasty try

My beloved recipe for years, ever since I can remember maybe :) This time I decided to put a pinch of cinnamon and get very tasty. However, this is a traditional combination. To the mixture and we put vanilla. By Andriy I have not tried, but can fits :)