Fast pickle

Submitted by enr on 07 Aug 2008
3.5 kg cabbage
1 kg carrots
1 kg red peppers
1 head celery with leaves
# For the brine:
100 g salt
300 g sugar
250 ml sunflower oil
750 ml vinegar 6%
Fast pickle
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Cabbage cut into julienne, carrots grated, peppers cut into strips and diced celery. All vegetables are mixed, add chopped celery leaves and arrange in jars. The vinegar, the oil, salt and sugar are placed in a pot on the stove to boil and this hot brine is poured over the vegetables in jars. Closed with caps immediately and turn until cool. After two days pickles are ready for consumption.
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07 Aug 2008


korneliq, this pickle keeps you and for the winter, or then becomes very acidic.

Pretty, pickles, but try instead of warm syrup is cold, ie not boil - just mix. It remains crisp and straight super :)

I put her garlic, black pepper and bay leaf.

Do not you add water to the brine?

No, do not put water because this pickle for rapid consumption. If guests say that arrive after 2 days ... smarten it up and calm them feast with her.

As melt sugar increases the amount of brine, and remains *dry*.

Can you add cauliflower?

You of course. Me also my favorite vegetable in pickles. Then you will bring down the weight of other products because the brine for about six kilograms products. Put boldly ... and your meal!

And can I leave pickles mature in a pot? I can not close it in jars. Perhaps in hladinik can be stored for a week.

Galya68, if stored in a metal container may be dangerous, especially if it is enameled.

made pickles on Thursday and today is ready. Incredibly delicious! Will upload photos. Thanks for the recipe!

Galq how make it .. with warm syrup or cold?

heat marinade over low heat to raztzhori sugar, but then I added cooled. Became incredibly delicious!

So I'll try :)

me something I do not get the pickle! Pour over vegetables to understand it, you need to fill the jar to the top or something wrong.

Maggie, and this turshiyka crispy you left? I like that not add aspirin, which is trying to avoid.

Reading the comments, I understand that is crispy when you pour the cold syrup. And when the hot syrup jars are vacuum packed. Does that mean that it is more durable? And how long can sahranyava?

remains his crisp, keep her in the pot on the terrace a few days, then transfer to the refrigerator / if you stay /. Can put in jars and they can be welded only cap. I have not put aspirin.

Turshiykata is gorgeous. Which was performed a few days ago, and today was the sample. I followed the technology for the hot brine and it is very crispy. The jars are well sunken caps and I think that will be lasting all winter.

Since so many recipes for pickles I picked this just not clear to me how to brine water marks?

in brine not put water, only salt, sugar, oil and vinegar.

This year I made a little red cabbage (sample). Will do and dose with white, but after a week or two.

This recipe I'm doing it long ago, but for quick consumption. Today closed it in jars, but the marinade was not enough cabbage and many fell. May persist for longer

last night I worked on it for the first time, but something was not enough marinade that use 5 kg vegetable Am I wrong or the proportions are wrong?

It was very tasty, but all jars to one malfunctioned. Apparently only for rapid consumption. Expected to remain at least until December.

And I think to do but in a small amount, and keep them in the refrigerator and long endure!

Yes for small amounts is appropriate (as I have done until now), but this year I decided to go into the cellar for a long and wrong

And to me marinade not reached and its dovarih more. Last year, lasts up to Christmas without problems. I have not spoiled or a jar, but I spill boiling marinade (as described in the recipe). This year all the jars also among (a month ago I put them).

And I dovarih marina and was still hot when you pour, but my cellar south, and this year is still warm. Maybe I do something wrong at closing.

Shochi not think the problem is with you. Rather, the reason is in the products (suspect vinegar or vegetables) or as you say warmer weather. However unfortunate for labor and products.

Cabbage pounded him with small plastic bars so not swim and does not spoil quickly, do not put pepper in the absence of such, but it will become! Keep them in the refrigerator as pickles do over again!

After two weeks I opened pickled vegetables, very tasty and crispy!

The second time I'm doing turshiykata and I like it!

Very tasty pickle, congratulations!

This pickle it out last fall and this summer I took a jar of the exhibition in our county. Recipe won first prize in the class - son tape! Thanks a lot! Now in the archives of the annual exhibition in Kuzak, USA, is a Bulgarian recipe!

prepared marinade recipe but is less dokade must be palni jars

jars filled with vegetables 2 cm below the neck of the jar and pour in the marinade, cover them. If less, make them a little more and Lower.

and did thanks