Meatballs with white sauce in the oven

Submitted by enr on 21 Feb 2012
400 g minced meat
80 g rice
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp paprika
2 tsp savory
3 tbsp breadcrumbs
3 tbsp yogurt
1 tbsp spice Maggie 10 vegetables (or veggie, Pikantina)
1 and 1/2 cup water
1 tbsp flour
Meatballs with white sauce in the oven
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Rice is boiled and while still hot add to it in breadcrumbs, then cooling it to add the minced meat, which is mixed with savory black and red pepper. Formed into balls with the desired size and are arranged in a buttered glass or clay pan. Bake 25 minutes in preheated oven 220C. Then pour the sauce made from beaten yogurt with flour and vegetable seasoning dissolved in the water. Bake for about 15 minutes
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21 Feb 2012


Very appetizing photos! I'm sure it will be delicious, especially with this grated cheese on top.

I forgot to share that can be sprinkled with cheese and without I got two wrong photos to the recipe that I can not get out

entry in Favorites, in the first reading the recipe I like a lot! Will try!

goes to the favorite and will try

Here's our dinner! I am very pleased that received approval from the family. I received a strong opinion that the cooked meatballs do not want (considering Meatballs with white sauce), but ... I found this recipe. And ... I got excellent! Thanks to author!

Orris very glad that you liked the recipe

Meatballs are wonderful! Sprinkled with cheese, then pulled them out of the oven.

Yes, and I did so and then if they remain with the warmers are great golden crust

became very delicious! But I have mixed minced meat with Maggie fixes for meatballs were delicious!

added in sauce 1 beaten egg and yogurt increased the expense of water - get a very tasty dish :)

Very tasty, my family was fascinated. Thank you! :)

Last night in January prepared and everything went in the bucket. I followed the exact proportion of the products, but the sauce get so salty that it was not edible. These fixes Maggie are generally very salty and must be very careful with the quantities. It seems to me that 1. L. To this quantity of products a lot.

I do not use such junk, are harmful ...

but then I did not use them, but I decided to try a new recipe and make it run right. Pity that the result was lamentable.

Vegetata is universal spice made from dried vegetables and salt, not a fix. Given that myalnoto meat is not salted meatballs take the sauce enough salt to not Presolana dish unless you add extra salt or use ready minced

I assumed that the salt will be only the sauce. I do not understand why get Tac. For years, I do not use ready minced only minced meat which its salt depending on the dish. In case I did not put any extra salt in meat or in sauce.
How it and e next time will try not fix ready and will improvise with spices.
The recipe is good and is a matter of taste how will it be seasoned.

Tasty get only reached us :)

I am glad that you liked. Thanks to the trust :)

to meatballs is better to put his head grated onion and cumin, then it is baked topping can be grated cheese and sprinkle oregano.

Last night I prepared the dish. Added to mince onions, 1 egg to the sauce. Predators at home liked it. Will cook again!

I forgot to add that dosing spice in the sauce because of minced meat was finished in stores that are quite salted.

Glad to hear another positive review on my proposal. Thanks again :)

Very tasty and very fast! And I added onions, garlic, spices in minced meat! Thanks for the recipe :)

Please're welcome;)

I loved the recipe today will necessarily make it. But I would put meatballs in plain baking pan, may be obtained.

I just start it, it seems to me very good result will write tonight :)

Splendid balls were received! Thanks for the recipe :) Definitely ranks after the favorite dishes of the family and will be present at every opportunity on the table.

I forgot to write ... Became great meatballs. Put it into a favorite!

Just great is received. The recipe is great. :) :)

meatballs were very tasty! Added to the minced meat finely chopped onion and parsley to the sauce and two broken yolks and sprinkled with cheese. Dawn, the recipe is great!

For the second time this yastie- prepare today felt better. In minced added 1 egg and sauce was one of yoghurt, 2 pm. H. Water, bouillon cube and flour. This yields more sos- last time the water is evaporated and thickened as cold and until it is time to pour, clean, no sauce. This time became more successful, but anyway dish is like and I will prepare him :)

I did it with a whole pot of yogurt to make more sauce. Became great! Great recipe.

Very tasty dish, my husband does not like white sauces, but this definitely like it. I like others increased the amount of milk and water, and we love to have more sauce minute sauce made with, yoghurt which smashed with 2. L. Flour and slowed with 1 liter of warm water which opened the vegetable broth and 1 vegeta little, I added a little Lim. juice. Sosa became great. Definitely this dish will cook and forth, and most importantly is quick and easy, but also very tasty. Remains in love.