Muffins mass

Submitted by enr on 17 Dec 2011
20 g yeast
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp vinegar
1 cup melted lard
1 cup Water
stuffing of your choice - savory or sweet
Muffins mass
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Involved soft dough. Divide into 2 balls. Sharpen sheets, they are cut triangles and put the stuffing of your choice: minced meat, jam, cheese. Wrap up in the form of rolls and before you put in the oven are coated with white and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
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17 Dec 2011
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What is the quantity of flour and other recipes like: Bohchichki , Медени sweet with nutmeg . At least tentatively.

stops flour is added at the time that the dough stops sticking to the counter to remain soft and muffins to blow.

Can fat be replaced by other fat, and if so with what?

can be replaced with oil, but with mass taste better.

No mention of rising dough or shaped buns !?

Because no one replied kneaded dough and muffins made without leavening put in preheated oven. We obtained good prahki buns.

I'm sorry that I did not react in time. After rounding the first Half of muffins leave them while preparing others. First greased and sprinkled them and put to bake. Second baking pan put in the oven after others have got so thick enough to not fall. Do not have much time for rising. mimsi, I'm glad that you were pleased with the outcome.

I made muffins with jam were very good. The recipe I like, were delicious!

juliasamar, I'm glad that you liked muffins. The pictures are great!

remained for the next day and are still fluffy and delicious. Many thanks to the successful recipe.