Beans pot recipe grandmother

Submitted by enr on 26 Dec 2008
2 cups white beans
2-3 onions
2 tomatoes
2 carrots
1-2 tsp sugar
1/3 cup sunflower oil
1/3 cup grated celery
1 sprig savory
Beans pot recipe grandmother
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Beans are washed, then boiled in a clay pot. Before boiling completely, add chopped onion crescents, carrots sliced, celery and the oil. Where products are soft, add the tomatoes and, savory, salt and sugar. Dish simmer 30 minutes. Prepare a roux from the rest finely chopped onion, flour and paprika (1: 2), then it is poured into the pot to the other products. Boil for another ten minutes.
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26 Dec 2008


Maybe without pot, boil if very slow fire with pohlyupen cover the effect is the same I put 1kartof chopped 4 garlic and a little

Once you have tomatoes in roux not put red pepper. Try at serving sprinkle portion with chopped fresh garlic and dill / then do not put in Preparing your savory dish of /.

A traditional and often cooked recipe. I did not dare to put all (maybe another time I will try).

ELTI, compliments of photo !!! Ako has IMH Plane, I took off for any Dhabi cardinal for such beans in pot;) !!! Compliments !!!

Just recently I bought pot from Troyan and with this recipe it out. Delicious beans, like Grandma. Fingers to lick. As I put the peel and spices gyuzum.

Miracles happen, and I added finely chopped pepper and mint.

And that will happen if you put it in a clay casseroles in the oven and make roux? I have a problem with your stomach and can not eat fried.

The picture would appear very tasty.

ceckavd, maybe without roux. Shortly before boiling fully beans add some other products without oil, tomatoes, flour and paprika. As is ready, add the tomato, red pepper and fuzzy in a little cold water flour (I use slightly pre-baked in a dry skillet meal). Pour everything in a pot, watering with oil and bake. Good luck!

My man cook beans all products saga first barabar them with salt on slow fire with pohlyupen cover and the beans are cooked with no problem, I was taught that salt is put at last!

Thanks for the answers will try tomorrow and will tell the result. With my sick stomach already wonder what to cook.

Awesome becomes beans, very palatable than in tvndzherata :)

I also do it in a saucepan on very low heat, becomes perfect. Because the stomach do not roux, after boil and change its first water, put onion, carrots, dry pepper and oil. Brew it in a little water and so do not have to squeeze it with flour. When almost ready put red pepper, tomatoes, savory, mint and peel. Elti, calmly try celery, very well combined with other spices and adds a fresh taste. Put her salt when beans is quite cooked.

bean became wonder

roux missed this time.

Leaked roux and me. But pot is always going better than the pot and necessarily boil on slow fire all night. In the morning ready.