Pastes pleasure Sweet Almond * Plaisir sucre *

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# For the base:
100 g + 200 g of raw almonds
200 g + 50 g + 30 g of powdered sugar
8 egg whites
40 g starch
# For the almond praline:
200 g almond paste - marzipan
80 g butter
100 g of milk chocolate
100 g of raw almonds
80 g chocolate spread
150 g rice popcorn (rice krispy) or broken cookies gavottes
# For thin sheets of chocolate:
200 g milk chocolate
# For dark Ghana:
100 g sour cream
100 g of milk chocolate
# chocolate cream Chantilly:
100 g of milk chocolate
150 g cooking liquid sweetened cream
100 g sour cream
50 g of powdered sugar (optional )
almond essence or flavor amaretto
Pastes pleasure Sweet Almond * Plaisir sucre *
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Peel and lightly toast the almonds in a baking dish. Grind 200 g roasted almonds with 50 g of powdered sugar. 200 g almonds cut into chunks. For the base: Beat the egg whites foam with 2-3 tbsp icing sugar. Continue beating on medium speed and add the remaining powdered sugar, 200 g Carefully add stirring with a spatula or a spoon of finely ground almonds and starch. In a baking dish with dimensions 20x30 cm, covered with pastry paper pour the mixture. Sprinkle top with 100 g of coarsely chopped almonds and 30 g of powdered sugar. Sprinkle almonds and powdered sugar, will create a crispy crust on the surface. Bake for about 30 minutes at 160 C. The base must be crunchy top and soft and moist inside. Remove from oven and let cool completely. Carefully remove paper from the pastry the base. For the almond praline: On low heat, melt the butter and add the crushed pieces of marzipan. Mix vigorously until the almond paste is dissolved in the butter. Remove from heat and add the chocolate spread and the broken pieces of milk chocolate. Stir vigorously. Add chopped roasted almonds in large pieces rice and popcorn (or broken cookies in small pieces gavottes). Cookies gavottes you can replace with wafer cigar with chocolate spread like Saprice Papadopoulos, crushed in small pieces. Pour praline on the base evenly. Let cool completely the base with praline. For dark Ghana: Cut in small pieces chocolate. Heat sour cream and pour chocolate. Stir until the two ingredients are mixed evenly. Leave ganasha to cool down. For the chocolate cream Chantilly: Cut in small pieces chocolate. Heat sour cream and pour chocolate. Stir until the two ingredients are mixed evenly. Add liquid sweetened cream and beat with a mixer until the cream turns white, and the air becomes thickened. Scented optional. For thin sheets of chocolate: Melt the chocolate and it spilled in a thin layer. Allow to harden. Cut into rectangles and must get 32 ​​rectangles measuring 3 x 10 cm. Assembling pastes: Cut the base with praline rectangles measuring 3 cm x 10 cm. Obtained 16 pastes. On each rectangle spraying evenly from dark Ghana. Cover with a thin sheet of chocolate. Spraying on it a little - a thick layer of chocolate cream Chantilly, 2-3 strips lengthwise. On top place and second thin sheet of chocolate.
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18 Feb 2013
Adapted from - Plaisir sucré (Pierre Hermé)


ma_rri_na, I wanted to come and guests. Pastes are unique - and products and how they look in the pictures :)

Neville will go both! :) Rest of my eyes, not to mention how I like eating! Marina, sweetheart, so fine thing to do! Very, very glad of all your recipes and I decided that I will do a separate folder with them - to collect them as a valuable collection!

Come, will gladly accept :). Glad you hit it, and you liked the photos. But I hope someday to have the opportunity to try, although one bite of the original Plaisir sucre of Pierre Hermé :).

Marina, congratulations for the recipe, labor pictures. For me it is very difficult, cheering for you!

I can not check on these pastries. Congratulations on your recipe and beautiful photos.

Great recipe. The pictures are wonderful.