Peppers with eggs and cheese sauce

Submitted by enr on 26 Apr 2009
5-6 red peppers (canned)
3 eggs
200 g feta cheese
450 g yogurt
1/2 bunch fresh garlic
sunflower oil
Peppers with eggs and cheese sauce
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Remove peppers from the jar, wash and remove the stems and seeds (if you have). Getting into a mixture of eggs and the feta cheese, the mixture should be fairly liquid. Fill the peppers with the mixture and then each pepper to add some flour so it does not spill the mixture. The peppers are fried highly heated sunflower oil on both sides. Yogurt stir, add to it chopped garlic and add a little salt. While still hot peppers are covered with prepared sauce.
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26 Apr 2009


By the evening will get and photos :)

I love them these peppers. Bravo!

Very nice meal, Kate! :)

Thanks :) Maggie Little pozabavih the picture, but I hope you approve. Otherwise, this is a small improvement on the classic peppers that obuzhavam. :)

loved ones peppers, but not naemamda do them because it is quite turned round. Otherwise bravo idea for the sauce.

are wonderful and the sauce added to 1 ml. mayonnaise and Kopar and all them very much liked

Very delicious are these peppers :)

Dream! Love them.

In our family this recipe is a tribute! But I do breading with yaytsya little carbonated some water / beer / and brashantse.

To not want to spill the mixture of peppers, pre-fried eggs with cheese and then fill them.