Pita wreath - Christmas

Submitted by enr on 09 Apr 2014
20 g fresh yeast
150 ml milk
2 eggs and 1 egg white spreads (maybe as you like with egg yolk or milk)
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp salt
700 g or more flour until soft dough
70 g butter
Pita wreath - Christmas
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Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm milk with a fork and a soft paste with sugar, salt, eggs, egg whites and flour. The dough should be like earlobe rights. Well the dough is divided into 4 equal balls, each of them continue to knead and toss in the air, clapping in the table. This is done to be more fluffy. Roll out each crust with a diameter of 25 cm or more. For convenience put the finished crust on baking paper (or facing large pan) and rub the top with fried butter. Then roll out the second crust and inserting the first and again brush with butter. When four sheets are coated and one over the other can proceed to trim the edges, if not perfectly round, and provided that they have become larger than necessary. The banitsa becomes more beautiful with more thin sheet, but more units, for example 5, 6. on baking paper tray in place that will bake and draw a circle with a pencil, cut the circle and place the loaf. Cut put one over the other sheets as cut pizza - eight equal parts, leaving the outermost edges Unedged - at least 4 fingers of them remain intact. Shaped triangles. Start paying two lower peel - out and out two upper and right, mask where not cuts. Try not to press a lot. Once you've turned all 8 triagarnika from the center can leave the cake to rest and donadue more along a warm place for 30-40 minutes. Together with paper baking move it in the tray. Although perhaps a hands carry it, but you need one person to help and you must be careful because the gum is easy to spoilage form. Bake in preheated oven. I put a 150C degrees and gradually increase the 200C. Thus, the pita will retain its volume. Almost when it is ready and you check with a toothpick, beat egg whites and milk (or your way to flooding - with yolk with egg white, etc.) and apply the pita top. Turn off the oven. * I found this recipe for pita in 2012, although I tried and crafted all other options, sun, wicker, bathing, etc. * Time 1 hour and 30 minutes stay.
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09 Apr 2014
Christmas culinary journal


Meri Popins, looks very good cake, but personally I find the name incorrectly. Loaf can be made at any time of year, the recipe has nothing specific Christmas - or any typical spices or something else. Moreover, the duration, written in the name of the recipe is unnecessary and difficult demand.

Hello thanks for komentapra-thought it necessary to write this with time. And because Christmas is normally in January, giving him Christmas recipe taught her one day before Christmas and so the name and such. you can put sugar and cinnamon and here's Christmas;)Thanks anyway for constructive criticism!