Pizza in the form of round banitsa

Submitted by enr on 14 Dec 2010
400 g thin filo pastry
4 potatoes
150 g feta cheese
300-400 g of tomato paste or tomato chutney
2-3 onions
150-200 g larded salami
1 egg
100-150 ml yogurt
8-9 tbsp sunflower oil
Pizza in the form of round banitsa
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Peel the potatoes and cut into small pieces - as moussaka - and cook. Onions are also cut into small pieces and fry (for those who do not like the taste, you can skip this). To fry the onion and add the finely chopped and boiled potatoes. Lightly fry and they. Add and chopped into small cubes larded salami and the feta cheese. Peel split in two. Take a pair of sheets and smeared with plenty of chutney - about 3 tbsp enough. And put the prepared stuffing - feta cheese, potatoes larded sausage and onions - and rolled up. Lining is obtained rolls in a round pan as round banitsa. Make a sauce of milk and egg. Cover evenly and bake in a moderate oven until a golden crust.
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14 Dec 2010