Raspberry cheesecake

Submitted by enr on 16 Nov 2012
# For the base:
230 g cocoa biscuits
125 g butter
1 rum essence
# For the cream:
500 g feta cheese Mascarpone
6 yolks
1 cup powdered sugar
10 g gelatin
# For the raspberry mixture:
200 g raspberries (maybe frozen)
4-5 tbsp granulated sugar
20 g gelatin
Raspberry cheesecake
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The biscuits are crushed, mixed with the butter and essence. This mixture was coated bottom tray cake (with ring). The base bake at 180C for about 20 minutes crash yolks with sugar snow. Then in small doses to the yolk mixture, the feta cheese. You need to get a smooth mixture. I stir it with low mixer. Add the gelatin which is presoaked in 3-4 tbsp cold water and melted in a water bath. This mixture is poured biscuit base, which is to be cold. Leave in the fridge to harden for about an hour. In saucepan, put the raspberries and sugar provided. Boil until complete melting of the sugar. Add soaked in 100 ml cold water gelatin, melted in a water bath. Stir and leave to cool slightly. With this mixture pour already tight cream cheesecake. Aged in the refrigerator for several hours there overnight. After cooling completely can garnish with sliced ​​almonds.
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16 Nov 2012


yolk mixture not bake it? Sounds interesting ...

Do not bake. This is a classic tiramisu cream, but I decided to experiment and get better. :)