Rich pizza

Submitted by enr on 10 Aug 2013
# For the dough:
400 g sifted flour
200 ml lukewarm water
20 g fresh yeast
1 tbsp sea salt
1/2 tbsp sugar
2-3 tbsp olive oil
# For the filling:
600 g of cheese
1 1/2 ball (about 200 g) feta cheese mozzarella
450 g bacon and ham
4-5 tomatoes
6 tbsp olive oil
3 eggs
4-5 pinches savory
3 roasted peppers
Rich pizza
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From set products receive 3 pizzas with a diameter of 32 cm. We prepare the dough (I do it in a food processor for faster, but may hand), the dough should be soft, and leave to rise for 40 minutes. Meanwhile, slice the stuffing products - part of the cheese cut into thin strips, and other products (except cheese and mozzarella) according to your wish. Grated tomatoes (without skin). After having risen disc of dough again shuffle and we divide it into three balls, each tray as it boring, but be a little more of it. Put the olive oil in a pan and put the peel in one place all the thin strips of cheese and turn dough (that's why I said that it must be larger than the tray to be able to wrap the cheese in all - thus obtaining very tasty and crispy edges. Put the grated tomatoes with a spoon and spread to everywhere riddled with fork (here and there) based on the pizza, sprinkle with salt and arrange the products eventually break up one egg and put it in a pizza Chopped part of mozzarella and put, and finally put grated cheese. Bake in preheated oven at 180C degrees with a fan for 25-30 minutes. Once the pizza is ready, and we let it earn 5 minutes before narezhem. * I do both 3 pizza tray has a size d = 32 cm, if you do not have time or do I remain of dough - in the refrigerator up to 3 days and still do pizza or mekitsi.
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10 Aug 2013


comes a little confused me - the dough for 3 pizzas, mozzarella 2 and other products? Can you change the products are for quantities 1 pizza (or 3, but at least equally)? Also, how much is the pizza (the diameter of the pan)?