Roll of cheese with sausage and cheese

Submitted by enr on 20 Oct 2009
250 g cheese
2 eggs
150 g of ham or salami
80 g butter or margarine
1-2 carrots
1 tsp mustard
100 g feta cheese
salt, pepper
Roll of cheese with sausage and cheese
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The butter was stirred foam. Add crumbled feta cheese on hard-boiled eggs and planed. Add pre-cooked and diced carrots, cubed ham, mustard and salt. The cheese is left for about 15 minutes in hot water, remove and roll it with a rolling pin on cellophane. On it is placed above mixture and using a cellophane rolled up. Is slightly pressed to length and placed in a few hours in a refrigerator. Before presenting cut into slices and garnish optional.
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20 Oct 2009


Bravo! Great recipe, something quite different from the other starters. Bravo again. Great an idea :)

That sounds interesting :)

and definitely very tasty, right? :)

... and the filling may be in various combinations of

Very good idea, well done! Surely there is room for individual preferences!

Bravo! Very interesting and delicious!

I did it already in the fridge, looks great! Bravo

Very tasty get, but I had carrot and mustard and without them happened!

This idea is a hit in the top ten! We'll try tomorrow!

Very tasty obtained. I do not put butter and a little yogurt.